SuperGeekery: A blog probably of interest only to nerds by John F Morton.

A blog prob­a­bly of inter­est only to nerds by John F Mor­ton.

The YouTubified Election of 2008

This morn­ing, Hillary Clin­ton offi­cial­ly announced her pres­i­den­tial ambi­tions. My impres­sion is that Hillary Clin­ton a real­ly smart per­son, who is def­i­nite­ly up the dif­fi­cult task of being pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States. The oth­er can­di­date com­pet­ing for my vote, Barack Oba­ma, also seems like a smart, capa­ble per­son who may also be up for that chal­lenge. (I’m sor­ry, John Edwards, you’re not up to the chal­lenge when com­pet­ing against these two.) But who… + read on

    The Latest Object of Desire: iPhone.

    I have until June to fig­ure out how I get out of my Ver­i­zon Wire­less con­tract. That’s 5 months to plan. In case you’re one of the 54 peo­ple who didn’t already know about the iPhone. I’ve been at CES all week long where all kinds of amaz­ing tech­nol­o­gy have been intro­duced. The only so-called news alert” I received from ABC​News​.com about any­thing tech­nol­o­gy relat­ed was for the iPhone. I noticed peo­ple surf­ing for… + read on

      No Ticket Needed. But Where’s Your Ticket?

      I will admit, in my pre­vi­ous post I was say­ing that I would rather see Steve Jobs, so per­haps is kar­ma that I got turned away at the door from see­ing Bill Gates’ keynote address. I did come to Las Vegas a day ear­ly to see Bill Gates’ keynote address but was not able to get in tonight because I didn’t have a pink tick­et to get into the ball­room. But why didn’t I… + read on

        All Badged Up And Ready To Go

        I’ve got my badge now and am pre­pared to meet Bill Gates. Will there be a line? Yes. Will Bill talk about Vista? Yes. Will I secret­ly wish I was see­ing Steve Jobs? Yes.

          CES 2007

          I’m in Las Vegas, get­ting ready to attend CES. I’m head­ing to the Hilton to pick up my badge for the show. Tonight’s big event is see­ing Bill Gates speak. To pick up your badge, you need 2 IDs. A driver’s license and a busi­ness card that is sup­posed to show that you work in the indus­try. I don’t real­ly see how the busi­ness card part can real­ly be that effec­tive. I think Kinkos… + read on