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A blog prob­a­bly of inter­est only to nerds by John F Mor­ton.

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Wel­come to my link library. These are not links to con­tent I have cre­at­ed unless you see that men­tioned in the link’s descrip­tion. These are links I found inter­est­ing enough to want to keep track of. If you read Craft Link List, the Craft CMS newslet­ter I used to write, this page is a replace­ment of sorts for that exer­cise. Enough talk. Let’s hit the links.

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Migrating a Mastodon Account

The Mastodon instance I’ve been using,, is shut­ting down in a few months, so I’ve migrat­ed my Mastodon account to a new serv­er. I want­ed to share the steps I went through in case the details are help­ful to any­one, espe­cial­ly oth­ers migrat­ing off that instance – espe­cial­ly a warn­ing about when you lose access to your old account. I don’t know if these are the best steps to fol­low, but they worked for me.