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A blog prob­a­bly of inter­est only to nerds by John Morton.


Installing Imag­ick in Valet

When­ev­er I update to new ver­sions of PHP in my local instal­la­tion, I need to rein­stall Imag­ick. Since I look up these steps every time, I’m doc­u­ment­ing them here so future me can remem­ber this.

Is Imag­ick real­ly not installed?

First you might have it installed on your machine. Does this return a ver­sion number?

convert -version

If so, you have it installed but it might not be wired up for your PHP ver­sion. Check that out with this command.

php -i | grep Imagick

If you see ref­er­ences to Imag­ick, you’ve already got it installed and con­fig­ured for PHP to use it. If not, let’s install it.

If you did­n’t have Imag­ick installed at all, install it with Home­brew like this:

brew install imagemagick

Now the fol­low­ing should return a ver­sion number:

convert -version

You now have it but it’s not hooked up” to your PHP instal­la­tion. We use pecl to do that.

pecl install imagick

Now you’ll need to restart Valet.

valet restart

Check your work

php -i | grep Imagick

Do you see ref­er­ences to Imag­ick? If so, you’ve done it.

Let the image mag­ic begin.