Tutorial: Using Gulp with htmlprocess and concatenate

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I’ve been teaching myself Gulp recently. I found the basics easy to pick up. Although I didn’t consider myself a Grunt expert, I’d taught myself Grunt previously and that helped with me with Gulp.Before we go further, check out the GitHub repository that contains the finished example project we’ll go over here: https://github.com/johnfmorton/using-gulp-htmlprocess-exampleOne thing I have seen in both Grunt and Gulp workflows I’ve used from... + read on

How to use HandBrake’s queue feature to convert multiple videos.

You like videos, right? Then you’re probably familiar with HandBrake, the open source video conversion tool. Encoding a single file is pretty straightforward, but the program has the ability to set up a cue and go through a bunch of shows while you are away from your computer. Here’s a quick video walkthrough on how to use this feature I put together for a friend.

Basic .gitignore for Craft CMS development

I wanted to share my basic .gitignore file for when I'm working on a Craft CMS project. Sometimes I use CodeKit, sometimes I don't but this .gitignore file will take care of CodeKit cache just in case.# Mac specific .DS_Store .DS_Store? .AppleDouble .LSOverride ehthumbs.db Thumbs.db# Icon must end with two \r Icon# Thumbnails ._*# Files that might appear on external disk .Spotlight-V100 .Trashes# Directories potentially created on... + read on

Bootstrap 3 quick fix for older Firefox versions

I recently worked on a site and used Bootstrap v3 as the framework for my grid system. As I got far into the project, the requirement for Firefox versions crept downward to version 27. My carefully constructed columns started to crumble in this version of Firefox. After a little research, it turned out that the CSS box-sizing rule for Bootstrap had dropped the ‘-moz’ prefixes. Here’s what Bootstrap had in it:* { box-sizing: border-box;... + read on

Bookmarklet for logging into Beats Music

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I really enjoy Beats Music but since they have a 3 device limit, I am logged out of the app on my computer regularly.I also have Beats set up in a Fluid stand-alone app on my machine. The reason I did this is because it keeps my music playing even if I happen to restart my web browser. I can also put the Beats app I created in my doc for easy access. Unfortunately this means the app doesn’t integrate into my password storage app. This means I... + read on

Helper bookmarklet to refresh any web page for “capturing” a live video or audio stream.

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I was not going to be near my computer for a recent live webcast I really wanted to watch; unfortunately the event was also not being archived by the site. Live viewing was the only option unless I could capture the stream for watching the next day.Luckily there are a variety of tools for stream capturing. Two that I use and recommend are Jaksta for video and audio and Audio Hijack Pro for audio only. (For why I use Audio Hijack Pro for audio... + read on

Quickly mass delete pending comments from an ExpressionEngine database.

Ever get bombarded by a spammer in your ExpressionEngine comment system and want to delete, say 16,747 pending comments all at once? Run the following query on your MySQL database and kiss that spam goodbye. (Please, make a backup on your database before doing this though!)DELETE FROM exp_comments WHERE exp_comments.`status` = 'p';Spam be gone.

Automate daily database backups with crontab and SFTP and be the master your domain.

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I can do that, Dave.

I recently worked on a site which saved data in it’s local database which needed to be collected and sent each day to a remote server via SFTP for analysis. Needless to say, I didn’t want to manually do this process every day, but I had never fully explored cron jobs, so I had to teach myself about cron jobs while I figured out the problem at hand. Here’s how I ended up automating the job.Your friend, the command lineI built the Ubuntu... + read on

Android vs iPhone: Exchanging one set of handcuffs for another

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Google Play Store Top Paid Android Apps - October 13, 2013. Tweaking apps dominate.

I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon for about 3 months. Before getting the S4 phone, I’d been using whatever the latest iPhone has been, all the way through the iPhone 5, exclusively since the introduction of the first iPhone. Although I enjoyed my iPhones, some of the limits imposed by Apple bothered me.Based on things I’d read online and the reports I’ve gotten from Android-using friends, Android sounded like it might offer me the... + read on

Google Analytics, Ghostery, and Event Tracking

At the time I write this post, Google Analytics has a new version in beta called “Universal Analytics”. It’s basically Google Analytics version 3. This means that code you may have relied on during the version 2 of Google analytics may no longer work.Google suggests that all new projects moved to version 3 now. It does offer “real time” analytics, so you can see who is on your site at that very moment. That’s pretty cool.If you want just the... + read on

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