YouTubification of Election 2008, Example #2

Back in January 2007 I did a post here I called The YouTubified Election of 2008. Back then, there was a video from an anonymous source that was an attack ad, modeled after Apple’s 1984 ad, against Hillary Clinton. It didn’t spell doom for the Clinton team, but I thought we’d see more user generated videos for this election. I’ll be the first to admit this prediction didn’t come through great insight. Viral video is an obvious trend. I just find it interesting to see how it’s being used in the election.

Hillary did try to do a viral video parody of the Soprano’s finalle, but it fell flat, so I didn’t mention it here.

Today a friend told me about an inspirational video he’d seen on YouTube for the Obama campaign. Although I’m more in the Clinton camp than the Obama camp, I enjoyed the video. It feels like it has the “right stuff” to make it to viral video stardom. Check it out below.

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