Win a Star Trek Messenger Bag from SuperGeekery

I think Intel thinks I’m a sci-fi geek. Well, they’re right.

To help promote the new Star Trek movie, they’ve sent me 2 of the bags you see above to give out to SuperGeekery readers. They’re really nice bags too! But, seriously, didn’t you already know there was a Star Trek movie coming out? I plan on being there on opening weekend.

Intel and Lenovo are giving out some big prizes as well to get you interested in the movie.  (Oh yeah, you already knew about it.) The Zero Gravity Flight prize sounds amazing. You can also win a trip for 4 to the movie premier. If you win and you get to choose one, go for the Zero Gravity Flight, that’s by far the cooler thing to do. You have to register at their site, The site requires Flash and Javascript. If you’ve been reading SuperGeekery for a while, you probably have JavaScript turned off for security reasons, so you’ll have to enable it to even see their site. (I guess they haven’t been reading the blog.)

Winning the big prizes may be tough, but you can get one of the cool Star Trek messenger bags right here pretty easily. Here’s how to win one of the bags. Just leave a comment below and tell SuperGeekery readers something geeky about yourself. (That way I can tell you’re not one of the comment spammers that plague the site.) Be sure to fill in your email address in the comment form. Your email will not be shown publicly, but it will allow me to get back in touch with you. I’ll pick winners at random at the end of the month. One comment per person, please. grin

Good luck!

To whet your Star Trek appetite further, here’s a preview of the movie.

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Something geeky about me - I would actually wear this around campus at my university.

Galen, Thanks for the comment. At this rate, you will be sporting that bag. (I won’t count this comment by me, the SuperGeekery admin, against your winning.)

In the ‘90s I obsessively recorded every episode of the X-Files, cut out the episode descriptions from TV Guide and used them to create decorative covers for each VHS tape. I still own them.

Something geeky about me…I think I will probably show up for the 1st Star Trek Showing dressed as Uhura….

Let’s see…I collect action figures from every movie/tv show I like and I haved owned every single Nintendo console released in the USA.

I named my son after a character in the anime “Inuyasha”. Also, my wife and I spent 4 days of our honeymoon blasting through Halo 1 and 2. My email address is a word taken from the Warhammer Dwarfish lexicon.

By Peter Tierney on Mar 26 2009
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