Vint Cerf Speaks, I Listen, I Post About it.

Last night I was lucky enough to see Vint Cerf speak at the Google New York headquarters. He’s one of the “founding fathers of the Internet” and is now employed at Google as their Chief Internet Evangelist.

While the crowd gnawed on fried food and sipped free drinks, he gave a lecture he calls “Tracking the Internet into the 21st.” He spoke about how the internet started as 3 separate small networks that were not connected together back in the late 1960’s to how the internet is now being taken to an interplanetary network. Seriously, interplanetary!

Along the way he touch on topics like advertising online, the limits asymmetrical broadband service is putting on advancement online, how the surprisingly high level of user generated content is changing the world and the evils of Power Point. His Power Point quote, which he said he was borrowing from someone else, was hilarious. “Power corrupts and Power Point corrupts absolutely.” Priceless.

I don’t have video of last night’s presentation, but you can view the same lecture he gave at the Google London office. It’s a little different that last night’s but it covers probably 95% of it. Very well worth your time. It’s broken into 3 parts.

Part 1 - 28 min 18 sec

Part 2 - 31 min 13 sec

Part 3 - 31 min 7 sec

I hope you enjoy it! I did.


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