Round Ice Cubes: The Sequel

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Back in 2007, I found some ice cube trays that were really cool to me. They made large spherical ice cubes. I wrote about them here at SuperGeekery in a post called A Geeky Spin Chilling a Cocktail - Round Ice Cubes. The term "round ice cubes" continues to be a top driver to this site. Who would have guessed there was a subculture that thought round ice cubes were as cool as I think they are?

For the round ice cube obsessed, there is bad news though. The ice cube trays that I originally wrote about seem to have been discontinued. There's no longer sold at MOMA or anywhere else I can find. 

Today though, I found a possible replacement in the East Village in in NYC at Surprise Surprise, a store that lives up to its name. They were $3.99, as you can tell from the photo at the beginning of this post. (Click here for a map to Surprise Surprise.) These don't seem to be for sale on their site unfortunately. 

These ice cube trays don't make the cool large round ice cubes like the first set I found, but instead you get a bunch of smaller ones. Insert your own joke here about the merits of having one large ball or many small ones. (Go on, it'll be fun.)

I found these round ice cube trays for sale at Amazon for a shocking $272.43, but you'd have to be crazy to buy them for that much, unless your purchase is a form of performance art. I found them at 2 other retailers online here and here for roughly the same price as I found them for at Surprise Surprise. 

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Those Jackson kids are adorable! What! No mention of Pink’s outstanding performance—twirling and splashing water on all the celebs (help I’m melting) Her voice never quivered. Unlike, Taylor and Stevie—never liked Stevie I think her voice is awful. I do a great impersonation kinda Katherine Hepburn and Joan Rivers mixed together—volatile.

By film izle on Jul 29 2010

Unfortunately the ice balls are cloudy when they are made in trays. But they look funny.

By Fram on Nov 24 2011

Found a low cost set of molds that produce 2.5 inch ice spheres.  Free shipping at

By Jay m on Jul 13 2012

Hey Jay. Those look cool. Nice find.

By John Morton on Jul 13 2012

I’ve also been using the Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays. There are _not_ circular, but the oversized ice cubes make for an attractive glass. Here’s an Amazon link:

By John Morton on Jul 13 2012

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