Quick Fix: Make FriendFeed Bookmarklet Work As Advertised in FireFox 3

FriendFeed is the current “coolest app ever” on the Internet for good reason. It’s a simple central location for all your online social activity. It doesn’t require you to stop using your old sites. It just aggregates everything you and your friends are using in one convenient location. It’s also got an impressive pedigree in that its been created by 2 people who brought us Gmail and Google Maps. You can read more about it on Wikipeida, in Louis Gray’s series on using FriendFeed, and of course the FriendFeed Web site itself.

As I use Friend Feed more, I kept trying to use the Bookmarklet to share sites. It’s billed as the easiest way to add content to your FriendFeed. See the video on the FriendFeed page about it.

My bookmarket would never work as advertised though. It required me to log in every site even though I had already logged into Friend Feed. Since I keep a complex password, this really annoyed me. This also prevented me from ever sharing a link in a room on Friend Feed. A room is basically a group dedicated to a topic.

What was the problem? In FireFox 3 you can easily shut off access to third-party cookies and I use that option. In theory, this prevents cookies from sites you didn’t visit from being able to track you.

The problem with this is that FriendFeed is seen by Firefox as a third-party cookie when I used the bookmarklet which meant that it wouldn’t allow the cookie that had my login credentials to FriendFeed to be used I tried to add a site to my FriendFeed stream.

To fix that, you need to add an exception to the the no-third-party-cookies preference. Open your preference panel in Firefox (called Options on the Windows side, I believe) and open the Privacy tab.

Firefox preference panel

I’ve marked in this screen shot where the unchecked third party cookies option is. Now select the “exceptions” button.

Firefox preference panel - third party cookies

In this window, just end “friendfeed.com” in text field and click the “allow” button. You’ll now see “friendfeed.com” listed as an allowed third party cookie. Now your FriendFeed bookmarklet should work across any site as long as you’re logged into FriendFeed. If you see the “share to” option in the bookmarklet, you know you’re logged in. Here you can choose your main feed or any room you participate in.

FriendFeed sharing bookmarklet logged in

If you added me to your FriendFeed yet, check out my feed and add me if you’d like at http://friendfeed.com/johnfmorton.

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