Part 1: Unboxing The Asus 1000HE

If you’re already sold on the Asus 1000HE, just skip to the fun part, the unboxing video. (I also upgrade the RAM while I’m at it.)

If you’re asking why I’d get one, then I will explain. I’ve been looking at netbooks for a while. I like the idea of a small computer that I can do basic tasks on, primarily writing and web surfing. Something that’s small and cheap.

Why didn’t I get a Mac laptop? I’m a Mac guy, after all, right? Well, if Apple made a cheap netbook, I probably would have. The closest Apple comes in the Air and it’s $1300. I got the Asus 1000HE for $365 from J&R. Why didn’t I just use my iPhone for basic web surfing and writing? The iPhone’s keyboard doesn’t allow me to write anything longer than a few text messages. I’m writing this post on the Asus keyboard by touch. Touch typing on an iPhone. That’s sort of funny.

Well, let’s get on with the unboxing. I’ll post a few followup thoughts after the video. (The audio is a little too low, but you’ll still get to see the unboxing.)

I’ve only got one big problem to report, the screen of my 1000HE has several dead pixels. After it has run for a while, many of the dead pixels have come to life, but there are still a several pretty evident on the screen. J&R, where I bought the computer from, has offered to replace the machine, but the waiting list is pretty long and I don’t know if a few dead pixels are a deal break on my little traveling notebook.

Update: After a full day of use, somehow all but one of the “dead” pixels has sprung to life. Perhaps its simply the screen being warmed up that has got them moving. Whatever the case may be, I’m happy with the outcome and will not be returning the machine to J&R. By the way, the J&R customer support person I spoke with on the phone was very helpful. I appreciate that and happily recommend checking them out if you’re considering buying one.



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Love this video, but…safety first! Make sure you cut AWAY from yourself when you use an Xacto knife!

By Carol on Feb 26 2009
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