How to see where people click on your site and what to do about it.

Do you ever wonder how people use your site? I’ve seen site stats for years, but I like pictures and that why I was excited when I discovered Crazy Egg from reading yet another great post on Chris Brogans blog. (Question: Does Chris ever sleep?) If you have any site online, you owe it to yourself and the people who visit your site to give Crazy Egg a look.

Want to see it in action? Using Crazy Egg I did a short test on SuperGeekery, shortly after posting my previous post to this one. From the screen shot above of my Crazy Egg dashboard, you can see during the 3 days I ran the test, I had 40 visitors to the site with 15 additional clicks down deeper into the site.

Where did those visitors click? Crazy Egg provided this “heatmap” of where people clicked. You can see people click on the search field quite a lot to give it focus so they can enter a search. How should I use information like this? I should probably give focus to this text box. (If it’s working as planned, the search box already has focus. You can tell if your cursor is blinking in the right hand column.) In a future update, I’ll probably make the search bar easier to spot as well.

Since I can see people clicking over to my portfolio site, I should probably make that an easier link to click as well. That’s how I try to make a living, so that would be a good thing. Warning, sales message ahead: Please feel free to get in touch with me if you’ve got advertising, strategic, or development work. (grin).

Since I’ve just got a small site, the free version was plenty for my person use. I’ll recommend it to future clients though. Give Crazy Egg a spin.

Comments on this post.

We are looking at CrazyEgg for our clients.  We can get at the same info through existing means but the data isn’t very client friendly.  We hope that CrazyEgg can provide a quick visual perspective on landing page interaction.  Something about a picture being worth a thousand words

I couldn’t agree more about the power of a good visual especially when the alternative is a spreadsheet. I do use Mint ( for some clients though. I don’t see one being better than the other though, since their purposes are different. Crazy Egg is for usability testing, Mint (or Google Analytics) for site stats.

One great thing I didn’t point out about Crazy Egg was that it tracks clicks on things that aren’t actually links! Very cool. Based on that, on my portfolio site, I saw that people were clicking on the big images. I interrupted that to mean someone wanted to see a more about that project, so, I made them clickable now.

By John Morton on Jun 23 2008
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