How To Quiet that Noisy Person In Your Facebook Newsfeed

Since posting my article on how to keep your boss from seeing your status updates on Facebook, I’ve had quite a few people ask me how to keep someone from popping up in their news feed so much. The easiest way to eliminate them, is to unfriend them. That’s easy from a technical point of view, but from a social point of view, you might be asking for trouble. I have a friend whose mother refused to take his phone calls after he chose not to accept her friend request. I think unfriending your mother may be even more trouble.

So how do you manage the amount of noise on your newsfeed? I’ve made a short video and in just 2 minutes and 22 seconds, you’ll learn how to take some control over what appears there. Basically, you can set each friend to have more or less information bubble up in your news feed.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that the person whose settings your changing don’t get notified how you’re setting your personal preferences. Social faux pas averted.


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Thanks so much!

Great info John. Prevent the hurt feelings yet, spare the unnecessary detail…

By Vicky Gonzalez on Dec 27 2008
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