Delaying a function call in Flash AS3.

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In a number of Flash projects we've done at JMX2 (shameless plug), I've run into the situation where I simply wanted to delay the actual execution of a function. Sometimes it was to tweak an animation so its pacing felt right. Often times I wanted to delay a sound clip by a few beats so that it gave the proper timing to the scene.

After writing the same code a number of times, I decided to encapsulate that whole process into a class called delayedFunctionCall. It's not the most elegant name perhaps, but it's descriptive.

I've found myself using on nearly every project since I wrote it. Maybe you'll find it useful too.

What is delayedFunctionCall?

This ActionScript 3 (aka AS3) class is pretty simple. You pass it a function and a number of milliseconds to wait for that function to be executed.

How to use delayedFunctionCall

First you'll need to download the package. Once you've got it, place it in your Flash project's class path in the com/jmx2/ directory. In your ActionScript file or Flash movie, import the package.

Now you've got the housekeeping out of the way, to delay a function, create a new delayedFunctionCall and pass in the name of the function you want to delay as the first parameter. The second parameter is the number of milliseconds you want to wait until the function should execute.

Below is an example of how you'd use it.
import com.jmx2.delayedFunctionCall;

// the time vaule is in milliseconds, 1000 milliseconds = 1 second
new delayedFunctionCall(myFunctionToStartLater, 3500);

function myFunctionToStartLater():void {
	trace("This function executed 3 and a half seconds after it was called by using the delayedFuctionCall function.");
Pretty simple.

Get the code

Need to delay some functions of your own? Don't delay... (Sorry for that!) just click here to download your own copy of delayedFunctionCall. Use it in peace and harmony.

Comments on this post.

Simple and useful. Thanks!

By Filip on Jul 16 2012

Wow, this is great, I’m just starting with AS3 due to a flash game I have to make (yes I know is kind of late to learn AS3) but this saved my life, I’m trying to make a Soccer penalty shootout game and I´m having a really bad time since I’m just a beginner, unfortunately is really hard to find tutorials on how to do a game like that. Thanks a lot for sharing such amazing piece of code.



By Frank on Aug 08 2012

You saved my life :D

By Pablo on Dec 12 2012

Any reason you don’t use the ActionScript setTimeOut function or Timer object?

By Dave on Jan 24 2013

No, Dave. This is just a shortcut I use.

By John Morton on Jan 24 2013

Instead of

delayedFunctionCall (myFunctionToStartLater, 3500);

I think you can use the native:-

setTimeOut (myFunctionToStartLater, 3500);

It’s the same to use (in fact less to type) and you don’t need to import any additional .as libraries

By Gary on Jan 21 2014

Gary, Absolutely right. That’s how I do it now too. :-) Just make sure your “o” is not capitalized in the word “setTimeout”.

setTimeout (myFunctionToStartLater, 3500);

function myFunctionToStartLater() {

By John Morton on Jan 21 2014

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