Consistently Good Emails

Apple gets loads of praise for their products. Thoughtful design and user-centric interfaces make them the best in their class. This level of finish goes beyond iPhones, iPods, and computers. It shows in their marketing of the products as well. When a new Apple television ad is released, it usually has the same qualities and the ads make the rounds of the blogosphere.

But what about the simpler things, like the numerous email messages Apple sends out to customers? Does Apple live up to their own high standards when it comes to the “lowly” email? Of course they do. Here’s a small sample of Apple emails from 2004 to 2007. They are consistently better designed than any other big retailer. These are emails not just for big product launches. They include emails sent for the simple act of registering a product. They all look good. The iTunes emails are the weakest link in the bunch, but as a whole they’re very impressive.

What I think this small collection illustrates is the deep crafting of the Apple brand. No detail is too small to be considered. Nice work, Apple.

Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image.

I’ve noticed how consistently well-designed a few other companies are with their email Both Threadless and Nintendo come to mind. Can you think of others? Take a screenshot and send it to me.

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