Can’t My Computer See I’m Working?

I get distracted when I’m working sometimes. I doubt I’m the only one who suffers from this though. Nearly every modern computer has multiple windows on the screen begging you to multitask. And then there’s the internet, the ultimate distraction. Maybe I got an email. Bling. There’s an instant message. I wonder if my favorite blog has been updated?

In order to give my brain a fair shake at actually writing coherent English, I’ve been cheating on my “fancy” computer with WriteRoom, a simple text editor for the Mac.

WriteRoom thankfully takes my computer back to a much simpler time. The look of it reminds me of my dad’s TRS-80. Check out the photo of my MacBook Pro running the software. If you click the image to enlarge it, you’ll see that I’ve got a perfect distraction-free desktop in order to work on this very blog post.

I’ve got it using the default set-up for the most part. I have changed the default width of the writing area to 800 pixels instead of 600 pixels. I’ve also had the line I’m working on have a slight tint so my eye can find it easier when I’m editing. If you’re not a fan of this color scheme though, try black type on a white background. It’ easy to set up.

Could you use a cleaner workspace? Check out WriteRoom for the Mac. There is also a PC piece of software that’s supposed to do the same thing called Dark Room, but I haven’t used it.

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