Building a Wii from Legos

My favorite toy as a child, before I got my Texas Instruments TI99-4A,  was my Lego collection. I could spend hours playing with Legos. I always seemed to run out of the bricks I needed before I could complete some grand project I envisioned, but I had a blast anyway. I wish I had photos of the stuff I built back then. Sigh.

Legos seem to be an obsession with a lot of geeks on the web. There’s a great site called Brickshelf where people post photos of their constructions.

Someone recently posted what I think of as high conceptual art on Brickshelf—a Wii constructed out of Legos. I loved the marriage of the two toys from two different periods of my life. I’ve reposted the photos below.

That’s geeky cool.

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My favorite toy is jigsaw. I like watching the pieces come into shape under my fingers. And the wood bricks for making buildings.


I appreciate you visiting SuperGeekery, but your comment seems like “link bait”.

Thanks for posting my comment despite your doubt.

You may think so, But I just like this site and wanna share more cool toys and memories with more people.

Have a nice day!

If you’re a toy guy, you might like Pinball Hall of Fame on the Wii. I’ve been playing it quite a lot the past couple days. Great retro pinball fun.

By John Morton on Sep 24 2008
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