Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: Official Update and CS4 Support

Today I noticed on the Google Maps API for Flash homepage that Google has released the Google Map API for Flach CS3. In my previous posts (1, 2, and 3) we were using the version of a Flash IDE version of the API that Vincent Tsao built (and graciously shared with all of us!) using the Flex-only API that Google provided.

Now that we’ve got an official build from Google for Flash CS3 my first question was will it work in Adobe’s latest release of Flash CS4, which just came out last week. I’m happy to report that it does work, but you’ll need to install it in a slightly different place than you did in CS3. (Also note this change if you’re following Google’s tutorial.) In the screenshot above, you’ll see the path you’ll need for CS4. Basically, there is now a “Common” folder where there wasn’t before. Google also suggests making a folder called “Google” which you do manually.

Your directory on Windows will probably be very similar to that of the Mac for CS4.

Update: I’ve now posted all 3 tutorials for this series on SuperGeekery plus an update about Google releasing the component with official support for the Flash IDE:

Here are the links for all parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and the Update Post.

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