Two More Links To Make Your Internet Experience Complete

Opinions are like blogs, everybody’s got one. But some blogs are better than others, so I thought I’d share a couple that you might not know about. The first is focused on the ad business, the second is a thoughtful perspective on our culture. Both are worth checking out.

Ad Aged—Will Madison Avenue Become Detroit? by George Tannenbaum, as you might guess, is the advertising focused blog. I worked for George for a couple years and he’s filled with insightful and entertaining observations on the state of the advertising industry plus the state of the rest of the world. Luckily, he now shares them with the blogosphere. Check out “Daily dumbness update” for a good example of his take on the state of advertising. You can tap directly into his POV on Ad Aged every morning.

Chock-A-Blog, by the one-named author “Tom” is a little bit technology, a little bit entertainment industry, a little bit marketing, and, well, a little bit of everything else that catches Tom’s eye. It’s updated sporadically, but there is a new entry you can be sure it’s always well-written. Chock-A-Blog is where I learned about TXT of the Living Dead, the latest version of Night of the Living Dead as recreated by SMS messages. It also had a nice perspective on the end of the writer’s strike with “What to expect when you’re expecting an end to the writers’ strike”. Add to that a critique of the critiques of the new New Museum. Very varied topics, but informative. Be sure to give Chock-A-Blog a try.

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