There Goes 6 Hours, Or,  My Day with Civilization 4.

I’ve been a fan of Sid Meier’s Civilization games for many years. I’ve played Civ 1, 2, and 3. All have been some of wonderful time sinks. After putting it off for a long time, I finally broke down and bought Civilization 4 when I saw that it was optimized to run on my Intel Mac. My aging copy of Civ 3 was PowerPC only and it was time for the upgrade.

Ico for the Playstation 2I’m not sure why, but every iteration of this game is literally makes the hours disappear for me. There have been a few games in my life that have been able to do that. The original SimCity was a fascinating game. I also like SimCity 2, but they’ve gone downhill for me since then. Another great game for consuming the hours was Ico, for the Playstation 2. The difference with Ico is that once you played it, it was over. There wasn’t much replay value for me, but it was a beautiful game.

Getting back to my addiction to Civilization though. The only game that has compared to its drug-like draw has been World of Warcraft, aka WoW. I’m going to have a tough even tomorrow because WoW is getting its first expansion released tomorrow, The Burning Crusade. My copy has shipped and should be waiting for me at work tomorrow. I’m not addicted enough to run WoW:TBC on one computer and Civ4 on another tomorrow night, but as you can see, it has crossed my mind.

The Burning Crusade

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It rocks man. thanks for sharing with us.

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