Snow Leopard Warning About Flash and Typography

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I’ve upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard and one thing I’ve immediately noticed was how some of my typography has shifted in Flash with the upgrade.
Below are screen shots of SWF files built from the same FLA file with the same fonts active. The top image is published while booted in Leopard. The bottom image is from the same FLA but published while booted in Snow Leopard. I’ve circled a few places for comparison’s sake.
Typography in a Flash file built and published in Leopard.
Typography in a Flash file built in Leopard but published in Snow Leopard.
Basically, leading is being calculated differently under Snow Leopard. I seem to remember something similar happening in an earlier upgrade. Perhaps it was moving from Tiger to Leopard.
If you’ve got a Leopard FLA, be sure to pay attention to your type if you’re republishing in Snow Leopard.

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