Quick tip: Make the Facebook User Interface Play Nice with Flash in Chrome

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We recently updated the brick breaker game on the homepage of JMX2.com to use the Facebook API for Flash. Basically, if you want to share your score, the game will let you post your score to your wall on Facebook. It can do this because the game is a register Facebook application.

It was all going well until I tested the game in Google Chrome on the Mac. (At the time I write this, Google Chrome was at 10.0.648.127.) The embedded Flash movie was covering up the Facebook UI when a user wanted to launch it. If you can see the screenshot I added at the beginning of this post, the Facebook UI is cut in half. It worked fine in IE, Safari, and Firefox.

The solution turned out to be adding a ‘wmode’ parameter and setting it to ‘transparent’ within the SWFObject embedding code.


And, just like that, the problem was solved. The Facebook UI is visible in Chrome.

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You saved my ass! BIG thanks!!!!

By Klug on Mar 31 2011

You saved mine too! thx ;)

By Bunga on Apr 12 2011

And mine!

replaced the ui with popup but that was an ugly method, thanks!

By Bart on Jun 10 2011

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