iPhone App cliqcliq Colors: A Color Palette Is Where You Find It

Most of my time is spent creating, designing and coding things that live online. Having the right color palette for a project always plays a big role in making something look right. Some of the best color palettes I’ve ever worked with are taken directly from my surroundings. Colors from cliqcliq is an iPhone application I’ve started using that makes the process of getting colors from out in the world into my computer easier than I’ve seen before. That makes it easily worth the $2.99 it costs. (Here’s a link to it on iTunes.)

It’s really simple to use. You can always just create a palette from scratch if that’s what you want to do, but I’ve been taking photos and creating a starter palette that I then manipulate. The following screen shots will show you how easy it is.

screenshot from cliqcliq

1. After opening the application, click the plus sign in the lower left hand corner of the screen to bring up the screen you see below. I chose to select a photo that was already in my iPhone’s library.

screenshot from cliqcliq

2. The photo can be zoomed in or shrunk by pinching as in most iPhone applications. I chose the upper left corner of my photo because I liked the color palette Colors created when it picked up some of the reds in the background.

screenshot from cliqcliq

3. I wanted to alter one of the colors and you’ll see a blue highlight around one of the colors on the 2nd row on the right.

screenshot from cliqcliq

4. With that color selected and HSB (hue, saturation. brightness) selected, I increased the saturation and brightness of that color.

screenshot from cliqcliq

5. Finally, after naming the color palette, I emailed myself the colors which I can use in my computer. It actually provides formats friendly to more than just Photoshop and Illustrator as the screenshot suggests. I believe there are PowerPoint palettes for both PC and Mac, plus the static image of the palette you see at the top of this post.

If you’d like to see how the palette above works as something you can import into Photoshop or Illustrator, I’ve posted them. To download it just John Morton | TAGGED: Mobile / Software 0

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