Found Home Movie from 1976

Several months ago, I brought a Super 8 film reel to Pac-Lab, a film transfer shop in New York. If you’ve got some reels of film you want transferred, I would highly recommend contacting them. They were really friendly. This single roll cost me $35 to transfer, but it would have been cheaper if I had more than one reel. It was certainly worth the $35 for me.

My mom found this single reel of film when clearing out some stuff that my dad had. It has no sound or date. I think it must have been taken at Christmas 1976, but I’m not sure. My mom said that my dad didn’t use the Super 8 camera very much, so this may be the only roll my family ever gets to see. It brings back a lot of memories of a place and time I don’t have much recollection of. After watching it a few times, it’s brought back memories I thought were long gone. Besides the obvious personal connection I have with this piece of film, I also love the film grain and the overall look of it, so I thought I would share it here. (By the way, I’m the older kid.)


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