Digging into a Promising Book: Learning jQuery

Things have been a little quiet here at SuperGeekery simply because time for writing has been a little hard to find recently. I’m wrapping up one job and getting ready to start another. I have made some time to start reading a book that’s already showing a lot of promise, Learning jQuery that I wanted to mention.

What’s jQuery? It’s a free, open-source JavaScript Library that let’s you do cool animations and Ajax functionality to your web pages. I’ve played with it casually, but haven’t delved deeply into it. The syntax is pretty easy to understand, especially if you’re already using CSS and simple JavaScript. Learning jQuery promises to help take my simple understanding of how to use jQuery up a level or two. What I’ve read so far is impressive. If you’re looking for a good coding book to curl up with as the weather gets colder, check it out.

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