AutoStitch for the iPhone, a Panorama in Your Pocket

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I’ve been taking quite a few photos with my iPhone lately. Although it’s not as good as using a “real” camera, my iPhone is almost always with me. Professional photo jounalists will tell you that the best camera for the job is the one that you have with you, so I’m trying to squeeze as much goodness out of the camera I’ve got with me and that lead me to try AutoStitch.

AutoStitch (iTunes link) is a $1.99 app that stitches together multiple photos right on your iPhone to make a panoramic image. All of the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone and stitched together on the phone. If you’ve got Photoshop, you don’t need this app necessarly. Photoshop has a built in function that will do this for you and probably give you better, higher resolution results. I’ve got Photoshop, but since AutoStitch is much less time-consuming, I use it instead.

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The newest update to AutoStitch let’s you crop your images within the application. If you don’t crop, you get a black backgroud, like in the image above, of the areas that you didn’t take images of. Logical, right? If you didn’t photograph it, how can you see it in the image? I think it makes for an interesting look in some cases.

Another caviat is that the stitching can lead to some fuzzy detail in the final results when examined close up. The image below should look pretty good to you at a small size, but click here to see the full resolution version of it. You’ll see it’s soft, but this was taken with a camera phone. Plus, it’s the only camera I had with me, thus the best camera for the shot.

AutoStitch exmaple 3

I’ve seen some complaints about the app on the iTunes store, specifically, that the images are not as high resolution as expected. The development team says on their site that this is a limitation of the iPhone’s RAM and that they’re working for find a way around it.

While not perfect, AutoStitch is a really great app and well worth $1.99.

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