Another Leopard “toy” to check out: Mosaic Photo Screen Saver

Desktop and ScreensaverAs a follow up to yesterday’s iChat tabs post, if you’re new to Leopard, you’ve got a really cool new screen saver. Open your System Preferences, select Desktop & Screen Saver. Be sure you’re in the Screen Saver tab and scroll down the list of available screen savers until you start seeing your iPhoto albums. Choose any of those. Next look for the small selector labeled Display Style under the left corner of the images of the preview box. There are 3 choices there and you should select the last of them.

What you’ll see basically a slide show of your photos, but as they zoom out into infinity, you’ll see that each photo is just one pixel in another of your photos, forever and ever. Trippy, right? Check out the video below of some of mine.

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