A Visually Stunning Movie Except for the Guy Wearing Silly Putty.

I saw the movie 300 over the weekend. I hadn’t really planned on seeing it until I read a review of the movie on Ain’t It Cool News by Moriarty that made it impossible NOT to see it. When a movie is said to “give your eyes boners, make your balls scream and make you poop DVD copies of THE TRANSPORTER,” how can you miss it?  (Thanks, Fefa for sending the reivew!)

300 End Title ScreengrabI did like the film for the most part. I didn’t expect great dialog and, as I anticipated, there were some really sappy lines in the film that had the audience laughing. Visually though, it’s amazing. Given the incredible amount of CGI, it’s almost a stretch to call it a live action movie. After 2 hours of a highly-choreographed orgy of killing on a massive scale (plus a little sex thrown in to guarantee an R rating) you may be tempted to leave the theater for a little relief from the slaughter. Try to stick around for the end titles. I found them to be really well done. They are 2-D vector graphics that move into 3-D occasionally. I really enjoyed them. They looked like they were probably done in After Effects. I couldn’t find much information on them online as I write this except for a small screen grab that I’ve posted here.

300 Bad MakeupAll’s not perfect though from a visual point-of-view. A few scenes just felt like the CGI effects were off somehow. I think the problem was having 3D surfaces mashed together incorrectly which messed up the perspective and left some scenes looking flat. The worst part of the visuals was the Gollum-like hunchback guy. This character just sucked the life out of every scene he was in because of his crappy makeup. He simply looked like a man who piled loads of Silly Putty all over his body. It’s an odd visual low-point in an otherwise really well done movie.

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