A FaceTime Audio Bug?

Check your Facetime settings.I’m working on a simple video recorder with Flash and I was having a strange issue with audio, but I thought I’d post here about it since I didn’t find any other posts online about it.

I have a MacPro and and Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac and I’m happy with it, although it doesn’t record hi def video like the box claims. (Logictech says this is because it relies on the Mac OSX drivers which don’t current support it, but I digress.) This issue I was having was that I couldn’t record audio to my Flash app that I’m writing. Video was no problem, but there was never an audio stream. I check the Flash video recorder on my laptop, a MacBook Pro, and it worked as expected, recording video and audio without any trouble.

I thought it might be a problem then with my MacPro’s camera. I made sure the audio inputs in my Sound control panel had the Logitech camera selected and they were correct. I could see feedback when I spoke so I knew audio was coming into the computer. Still, I had no luck recording audio in my Flash video apps.

I decided to try PhotoBooth, the snap shot taking app that comes bundled with Mac OSX. I had used it when I first received the camera to test it out. I took some videos with it and it recorded audio and video without any problem. Now though, it would record video, but no audio. I was stumped. What had changed in my Mac regarding the recording of video and audio? For me, it turned out to be Facetime for Mac.

I had originally installed the beta and subsequently updated the beta to the full version. Facetime sets it’s preferences up to be on by default from what I can tell. I set the FaceTime preferences to OFF and tried PhotoBooth again. Success. Video and audio were both recorded. Next I tried the Flash video recording app I’m developing. Now audio was being recorded as expected in it as well.

But, you probably want FaceTime left on if you really plan on using it, right? The good news is that after I did my experiment with FaceTime turned off, I turned it back on again. I quit the FaceTime app (but that leaves the background operation running to accept calls) and also restarted my browser. Now, even with FaceTime’s background process running, I’m able to record video in my Flash application.

I don’t have Facetime installed on my MacBook Pro and I never had the issue there. So, was FaceTime the issue on my MacPro? Was the issue that I had installed the beta of FaceTime? I’m not sure, but changing the preferences solved the problem for me. If you’ve had the same issue, hopefully this will help you out. Please comment below if you can contribute anything to this issue. Thanks for reading.

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Sucks since it claims it suppose to be HD.

By James on Apr 09 2011

James, I agree, but as I mentioned, if you can live with the spurious claim on the HD, I think the video quality is actually pretty good. I think it’s better than the built in iSight in my MacBookPro.

By John Morton on Apr 10 2011

So is this HD or not?

By Duplication on Nov 15 2011

No, I don’t think technically this is HD. For my use, primarily Skype (not really Facetime so much), it works fine, but if you’re looking for a true HD web cam, I’d say keep looking.

By John Morton on Nov 15 2011

Thought this solution may actually be a red herring; didn’t make sense in the context of the problem however tried the suggestion and it didn’t work. Everything configured as it should be so last resort, shut everything down (Quit all open apps) and restart iMovie and Facetime capture. Lo and behold, it suddenly works. Didn’t change anything else other than checking input was set to inbuilt mic and output set to inbuilt speakers. Restarted app and it’s fine - therefore the configuration engine doesn’t reset itself if you change anything if the app itself is open. This is the most logical solution anyway and if nothing else, it worked for me(!)

By Marcus Lazarus on Dec 31 2011

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