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Another Leopard “toy” to check out: Mosaic Photo Screen Saver

As a follow up to yesterday’s iChat tabs post, if you’re new to Leopard, you’ve got a really cool new screen saver. Open your System Preferences, select Desktop & Screen Saver. Be sure you’re in the Screen Saver tab and scroll down the list of available screen savers until you start seeing your iPhoto albums. Choose any of those. Next look for the small selector labeled Display Style under the left corner of the images of the preview box. There... + read on

Did you upgrade to Leopard? Don’t miss tabs in iChat.

I’ve talked to a few people who’ve updated their Mac to Leopard who’ve not really seen much “new” to appreciate in Leopard. This won’t change your world, but here’s one. If you’ve used Chax, a third-party upgrade to iChat for older versions of OS X, you’ve already had tabbed chats, but now Leopard users get them built into the system. You can see an example above of what they look like.Since they are off by default, you’ll need to dig into... + read on

Flash Forward Boston: Day 2

For the second day of Flash Forward, my day had a much stronger focus on creativity rather than coding in Flash. That was my intention though. The conference is structured so that your time here reflects your own interests.There are 4 sessions going on simultaneously so each person, by picking which sessions they attend, gets what they want. If you’re a Flash designer or developer, I would encourage you to attend some time.My first session was... + read on

Flash Forward Boston: Day 1

This week I’m happy to be at Flash Forward in Boston. I’ve been to coming to this conference since 1999 or 2000. I forget which year it started. It’s always exciting to see the presentations and find out what the best Flash heads are doing now and what’s coming down the pike.I attended 4 sessions today, the first day of the conference. The day started with the Adobe Keynote address presented by Kevin Lynch. Mr. Lynch has been the face of Adobe... + read on

Backing Up Is Hard To Do? Not Any More.

There’s a common sentiment among geeks about hard drives. It’s not a question of whether your hard drive will fail, but when it will fail. That hard drive in your computer has lots of moving parts: at least one spinning platter made of metal or glass and at least one read/write head moving constantly to find the data your computer needs to function. That wear and tear will cause your drive to break. That is, if it doesn’t get stolen... + read on

The SuperGeekery Homepage Smackdown

What’s your homepage? Nearly every site on the internet would love for your entry onto the internet to be their site, but since there are so many decent choices, being simply decent isn’t good enough. It’s time for a home page smackdown.Based on my experience, there are 3 contenders that stand above the others and deserve consideration: Netvibes, PageFlakes, and iGoogle. I’ve got accounts on all three, but one has become my default. Before I... + read on

Zooming Into Photos with the PhotoShop CS3

Check out the image above. First of all, I’m sure you’re stunned by how adorable my cat is, but that’s not why I’ve posted this image. This is a direct export of a very large image from PhotoShop CS3. The beauty of it is that it might look like a low resolution image right now, but hit the PLUS button or drag the small lever at the bottom of the image and you’ll be able to study my cat in high-resolution detail.This is a technology called... + read on

Can’t My Computer See I’m Working?

I get distracted when I’m working sometimes. I doubt I’m the only one who suffers from this though. Nearly every modern computer has multiple windows on the screen begging you to multitask. And then there’s the internet, the ultimate distraction. Maybe I got an email. Bling. There’s an instant message. I wonder if my favorite blog has been updated?In order to give my brain a fair shake at actually writing coherent English, I’ve been cheating... + read on

Internet Explorer 6 vs. My Site

Microsoft asked my PC, hey, I’m going to install IE7, ok? I said, sure. Then I built this blog, on my Mac. I checked it in Firefox. I checked it in Safari. I checked it in IE 7. It’s got it’s share of bugs, but, heck, this is just my little personal blog. I’ll debug when I get around to it. Then today I saw it in IE 6. What a disaster.Do you have IE 6? Sorry about that.Update: I’ve been tinkering with the site. It’s better in IE 6 now. It... + read on

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