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iPhone App cliqcliq Colors: A Color Palette Is Where You Find It

Most of my time is spent creating, designing and coding things that live online. Having the right color palette for a project always plays a big role in making something look right. Some of the best color palettes I’ve ever worked with are taken directly from my surroundings. Colors from cliqcliq is an iPhone application I’ve started using that makes the process of getting colors from out in the world into my computer easier than I’ve seen... + read on

The 7 iPhone Apps that Made My Vacation

I’m just back from a weeklong vacation to the Pacific Northwest. In an attempt to “get away” I didn’t pack my computer to go with me, but I did have my iPhone. If you know me personally or just have stumble across SuperGeekery, you’d expect a little gadget adoration, but I wanted to share the 7 iPhone apps that helped on my trip. (I didn’t take the above photo with an iPhone. It needs a better camera, but that’s a reason to upgrade to the next... + read on

How To Add Spotlight Tags in Flash AS3

At JMX2, we build a lot of Flash advertising pieces for a variety of clients. At the end of the process, we get asked to “put these Spotlight tags in” from media companies. They nearly always send AS2 code for you to drop into your pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten AS3 code. If you try to place this AS2 tagging code into an AS3 project, a landing page, for example, you will get errors.What the Doubleclick Spotlight tag does.The... + read on

Mac 101: Make a More Useful Dock

The Dock in your Mac was supposed to make finding your most used programs easier. I do a couple things to make it more useful.Tip 1: Add Spacers to your DockFirst, as you can see in the image above, I add spacers to make finding certain types of programs easier. On the left, I’ve got 4 Adobe programs I use regularly. I’ve got TextMate, a text editing program, separated out on its own. Then to the right of that, I’ve got everything else,... + read on

Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: AIR now supported

In case you’ve been interested in my previous series of “Using Google Maps Inside of Flash” posts, I wanted to point out another update from Google. Adobe AIR application development is now supported officially by Google. The documentation only references Flex Builder though. Has anyone have any luck with getting it to work in the Flash IDE? If so, drop me a line or post a comment.Here are the links for the previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part... + read on

How to build an AS3 Videoplayer Class

I recently worked on a project that needed a video player. I didn’t want to use the standard one’s included with Flash, so I did a little searching and found The Tech Labs, a tutorial site. Rafael Nünlist wrote an excellent post there called “How to build a AS3 Videoplayer.” He not only has a nicely designed video player, but he also shared the code for the world to see. Rafael wrote most of the code in the video player I’m going to show... + read on

Converting a MIDI file to and iPod-friendly format

Have you ever wanted to play a MIDI file on your iPod? If you’ve got QuickTime Pro you can convert any MIDI to an MP3 quickly. I’ll how you how in just 2 minutes.Remember, you’ll need QuickTime Pro, which is $29 from Apple. Click here for the QuickTime page on After you complete your purchase, you’ll get a serial number to plug into the QuickTime you probably already have on your machine. This unlocks a bunch of handy features in... + read on

Installing Boxee on Apple TV

I’ve had an Apple TV for a long time. I bought the 160 GB version when it came out. It’s been a pretty decent media machine, but it’s built with pretty strict rules for getting video into it. If you’ve got it in iTunes, for the most part, then you can watch it. But I wanted more out of it. The only thing stopping it from really being the media machine it could be was software.If you’ve got an Apple TV,  you’ll be interested in Boxee. What’s... + read on

Make a Custom Event in Flash with AS3

I’ve been working on a Flash project that required a SWF loaded into my main movie to broadcast a custom event back to a listener in the main movie. I kept getting an error trying to make this custom event but luckily I found a nice blog post at, Creating and Dispatching Custom Events in AS3. I credit Sean McSharry with helping me get this working. The code I’m sharing below is very close to what he’s posted on his blog. (Thanks... + read on

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