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iPad Review: Making fonts with iFontMaker

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What do you think of my typeface? I named it SG Funny Face. I made it on my iPad and I want to give you a quick review of the iPad application I used to make it. Before I start, I also wanted to give you a copy of the font. Click here to visit the SG Funny Face page and download your own copy. It's free and you can use it however you want.The font creation app is called iFontMaker by The 2TTF. (Visit The 2TTf site or the application's page on... + read on

Expression Engine 2 Plugin: SuperGeekery Tag Stripper

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Note: Since it's initial release, the SuperGeekery Tag Stripper has had a few minor updates. It is now at version 1.0.4, as of Feb. 14, 2014. The links in the article point to the most recent version of the addon at GitHub.The redesign of SuperGeekery coincided with the release of Expression Engine 2 which gave me the opportunity to jump into the latest version of EE on a project that I was the client on, allowing me to be potentially break... + read on

Update On Building a Portfolio Site in Wordpress and the Plugins That Made It Work.

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Back in October 2009, I wrote about research I was doing about building a portfolio site with Wordpress. (Read that post here.) That post was inspired a project we were talking about doing at JMX2 at that time. Several months have passed and we’ve built the site I was initially researching. It’s live and I’m happy to finally share it with you. Check out the new TRÜF Creative site at to WordPress folks: This... + read on

Activating an Update Version of Windows 7 with a Fresh Installation

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When Vista was released, I ended up buying 2 full copies (versions not requiring a prior version of Windows) of Vista Ultimate to install on my MacPro and my MacBook Pro. I use VMWare Fusion, although I’ve also used Parallels and recommend either to people who ask.When Windows 7 was available for pre-order, I bought 2 upgrade copies. I decided against getting another ‘Ultimate’ version though. I chose ‘Pro’ because it was all I needed. I’m not... + read on

So you’re building a Wordpress portfolio?

I’ve been doing some investigation into Wordpress for a potential new project. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been exploring various CMS’s recently based on some client requests. SuperGeekery is still powered by Expression Engine, as is a variety of other projects I’ve developed. I’ve had several recent proposals that specified Wordpress as the CMS requirement, so I’ve been doing some additional research on it. One of the projects that... + read on

Flash AS3 Font Embedding Issue - A Problem with Grandchildren?

I’ve been working on a project that was causing me endless frustration with Flash font embedding. Basically, I had a Main.swf that I had embedded a font in. It has a child SWF, say “child.swf”, that gets loaded. Then that child.swf, used a class file which created a loaded in a photo and created a dynamic text field, so I thought of it as a grandchild of Main.swf. In the ‘grandchild’ the dynamic text field is formatted to embed the font that is... + read on

Snow Leopard Warning About Flash and Typography

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I’ve upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard and one thing I’ve immediately noticed was how some of my typography has shifted in Flash with the upgrade. Below are screen shots of SWF files built from the same FLA file with the same fonts active. The top image is published while booted in Leopard. The bottom image is from the same FLA but published while booted in Snow Leopard. I’ve circled a few places for comparison’s sake. Basically, leading is... + read on

A Quick Tour of CMS Options.

I’ve been an Expression Engine developer since it debuted. SuperGeekery is built on Expression Engine (aka EE). Before EE, I used Ellis Labs’ previous CMS called pMachine, so I’ve been in that camp for quite a while. I’ve built many sites using EE. It’s intuitive for me and I can quickly imagine a solution to most ‘internet problems’ I run into. Recently I’ve been approached about a number of different CMS projects, often with a preferred choice... + read on

AutoStitch for the iPhone, a Panorama in Your Pocket

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I’ve been taking quite a few photos with my iPhone lately. Although it’s not as good as using a “real” camera, my iPhone is almost always with me. Professional photo jounalists will tell you that the best camera for the job is the one that you have with you, so I’m trying to squeeze as much goodness out of the camera I’ve got with me and that lead me to try AutoStitch.AutoStitch (iTunes link) is a $1.99 app that stitches together multiple... + read on

How To Make A Particular Particle Effect In After Effects

At JMX2, we recent completed a fun project that let us spend a lot of time in After Effects working with the particle generator called Particular. The project was to create 2 synchronized ad banners. In the 1st banner at the top of the page, photos in picture frames slid out of their frames while dissolving into pixel-like particles then followed a predetermined motion path into a phone, in the 2nd banner, where they regrouped into showing the... + read on