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How to use HandBrake’s queue feature to convert multiple videos.

You like videos, right? Then you’re probably familiar with HandBrake, the open source video conversion tool. Encoding a single file is pretty straightforward, but the program has the ability to set up a cue and go through a bunch of shows while you are away from your computer. Here’s a quick video walkthrough on how to use this feature I put together for a friend.

Helper bookmarklet to refresh any web page for “capturing” a live video or audio stream.

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Animated GIF of the bookmarklet in action.

I was not going to be near my computer for a recent live webcast I really wanted to watch; unfortunately the event was also not being archived by the site. Live viewing was the only option unless I could capture the stream for watching the next day.Luckily there are a variety of tools for stream capturing. Two that I use and recommend are Jaksta for video and audio and Audio Hijack Pro for audio only. (For why I use Audio Hijack Pro for audio... + read on

Android vs iPhone: Exchanging one set of handcuffs for another

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Google Play Store Top Paid Android Apps - October 13, 2013. Tweaking apps dominate.

I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon for about 3 months. Before getting the S4 phone, I’d been using whatever the latest iPhone has been, all the way through the iPhone 5, exclusively since the introduction of the first iPhone. Although I enjoyed my iPhones, some of the limits imposed by Apple bothered me.Based on things I’d read online and the reports I’ve gotten from Android-using friends, Android sounded like it might offer me the... + read on

ExpressionEngine Add-on: SuperGeekery DayPhrase

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Eight Days a Week?

During a recent update to this site, I made a small ExpressionEngine add-on, SuperGeekery DayPhrase, to deal with a blurb of text that changes based on the day of the week in the footer. “Earth-shattering, it is not,” as Yoda might say, but since I built the previous version of SuperGeekery I’ve become aware of the benefit of not having any PHP in your templates. Speed. Because of the way PHP is rendered in the ExpressionEngine parsing process,... + read on

Lessons learned in ExpressionEngine add-on development

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In January I released the first commercial add-on I’d developed for ExpressionEngine. It’s called Pic Puller and it helps an ExpressionEngine developer create and integrate an Instagram application into his or her site.This post isn’t meant to get you to go buy a copy of the Pic Puller add-on. (Granted, I won’t stop you either.) Rather, it’s a personal journal of my process of making it and what I’ve learned along the way. It may be a bit... + read on

Expression Engine 2 Plugin: Empty P Stripper

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I’ve got a small little Expression Engine add on., but it might be helpful if you use Pixel and Tonic’s WYGWAM to give your client’s text entry into an Expression Engine textfield a little UX love.WYGWAM’s a good tool that I’ve used several times on sites. Clients find it an easy thing to pick up. For a recent build though, I kept noticing some strange spacing when my client was using it to create copy. There were empty P tag pairs scattered... + read on

A FaceTime Audio Bug?

I’m working on a simple video recorder with Flash and I was having a strange issue with audio, but I thought I’d post here about it since I didn’t find any other posts online about it.I have a MacPro and and Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac and I’m happy with it, although it doesn’t record hi def video like the box claims. (Logictech says this is because it relies on the Mac OSX drivers which don’t current support it, but I digress.) This... + read on

Where there’s a will, there’s a dial. A dial component for Flash.

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For a recent Flash project at JMX2, I needed to have a dial for a user to turn and it would effect affect how many particles were generated by a particle generator.There wasn't a dial component in the standard Flash IDE, so I looked around online and although there seemed to be a couple Flex versions, I didn't find a Flash version. I needed to make one myself. A dial seems so simple but there's more going on there than you might guess. It... + read on

SuperGeekery Tagstripper Update - Dealing with HTML Special Characters

The Expression Engine add-on I wrote when I made SuperGeekery, SuperGeekery Tag Stripper, has had a small feature update.I've spoken to a few people who have been using the plug in for creating the meta data for their header tags. I think they've basically been taking a field from their content, maybe the summary field or the body field, and placing it in the header so search engines get an accurate view of what the page is about. The Tag... + read on

Why Isn’t OGG Video Playing in Firefox from Amazon S3? It might be all in your headers.

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Let’s assume you’re trying to build a site with HTML5 video playback and you use Amazon S3. Good so far, right? Well, depending on how uploaded your video files to your Amazon S3 server, you might end up with video that won’t play back in Firefox. Actually, it’s not that it won’t load, it won’t even load and attempt to play.It has to do with the headers that are set of the file during their upload. I normally use Transmit, the wonderful FTP... + read on

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