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Facebook’s unimpressive opening day bodes well for the Facebook Platform.

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Yesterday, Facebook’s IPO could be seen as a face plant for the kid full of hubris during his first time in the spotlight. As a developer, I see this as a potentially great set of circumstances for Facebook.My hope is that yesterday’s anticlimax of an IPO may lead to a more stable platform to build upon. I like the API and the more I work with it that admiration only grows. I just want evolution in the API, not revolution.Facebook is... + read on

Setting Facebook Status with Flash - Version 3

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A quick adendum to this post: Facebook has once again changed the API. As of July 12, 2011, you can no longer set the 'message' part of the status message. The lack of a message prompt makes the app we build here a little pointless, but not entirely. You can still set the image, the caption, and other pieces of information that will accompany a user's status message, but the message content itself is no longer able to be prompted by you as the... + read on

Quick tip: Make the Facebook User Interface Play Nice with Flash in Chrome

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We recently updated the brick breaker game on the homepage of to use the Facebook API for Flash. Basically, if you want to share your score, the game will let you post your score to your wall on Facebook. It can do this because the game is a register Facebook application.It was all going well until I tested the game in Google Chrome on the Mac. (At the time I write this, Google Chrome was at 10.0.648.127.) The embedded Flash movie... + read on

How To Quiet that Noisy Person In Your Facebook Newsfeed

Since posting my article on how to keep your boss from seeing your status updates on Facebook, I’ve had quite a few people ask me how to keep someone from popping up in their news feed so much. The easiest way to eliminate them, is to unfriend them. That’s easy from a technical point of view, but from a social point of view, you might be asking for trouble. I have a friend whose mother refused to take his phone calls after he chose not to accept... + read on

How Does User-Generated Backlash Effect Sales? Was Toyota Saved by Zero?

If you’re reading this post (and you live in the USA) around the time I writing it, there is no need to show you Toyota’s Saved By Zero commercial. It has been played to death on the airwaves. What makes it unique is some magical mojo of that claws at the nerves. (If you want to watch it for a little refresher, I’ve included it at the very end of this post.)For some reason, this spot has garnered a very special ire. It’s probably got a lot to... + read on

Being a Geek on Election Night

I spent election night using technology to an extreme. Twitter, Facebook, Text Message, and a variety of sites and widgets.My friend Eduardo, aka Dudu, in Brazil and I, in New York, exchanged quite a few tweets about the night’s outcome emerged. Social technology allowed this great night to be enjoyed by a huge number of people all across the globe and I’m very happy to have been a part of it. Dudu asked me to write up a few thoughts for his... + read on

Facebook Privacy 101: Keeping Your Status Updates From Your Boss

I’ve had a very similar conversation with several friends (real-life friends, in this case) regarding Facebook. The basic flow of the conversation is this.1. When I started Facebook, I had only real friends on my list. 2. Since I like keeping in touch with my friends, I updated my Facebook page with all kinds of personal information. My friends knew if I hated coming to work on Monday morning. It was fun. 3. Then my boss/co-worker/Mom, asked... + read on

Parody Ads Tell You A Lot About Your Brand

Last year Tom Ford released a fragrance for men that has received less than stellar reviews. A friend showed me the parody of the site. If you want to see them both, do so at your own risk. They are not what I’d call “safe for work”. Click here for the original site. Click here for the parody. I can see why someone did a parody of those Tom Ford ads. They are pretentious and stupid. I think the parody serves as fair warning for any brand with... + read on

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