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Data Privacy At The US Border Erodes Further

The Washington Post recently reported on the further erosion of the privacy of your laptop’s data when crossing the border in an article titled Travelers’ Laptops May Be Detained At Border. This is a new policy as of July 16, 2008.Unfortunately, the privacy measures mentioned in the previous SugerGeekery post, Traveling Through US Customs? Your Data Is Not Safe, are being proven less effective than previously reported according to recent... + read on

Traveling Through US Customs? Your Data Is Not Safe.

When I travel, I usually have some sort of computer with me, whether it’s a laptop or something simpler like an iPod. Just over the past few days, after returning from an international trip, I learned of a new ruling that says that US Customs now has “the responsibility to check items such as laptops and other personal electronic devices to ensure that any item brought into the country complies with applicable law and is not a threat to the... + read on

If You’re a Verizon Wireless Customer, Your Privacy Is In Question.

How private is your private life when it comes to Verizon Wireless? If you have not specifically “opted out” of giving away your information, what you do with your phone is for sale. What kind of information is Verizon Wireless selling? According to Ars Technica, the “data on the calls you make and receive and the services that you may make use of” and “the features of your phone and its capabilities.” (Read the full article here.)Verizon... + read on

Security Lesson: Turn Off Your JavaScript, or use NoScript for Firefox

Yesterday was the SuperBowl. If you were attending in person you might have checked the website for the stadium before you went to the game. If so, you may not only have got soaked at the rainy game, but you might have unknowingly installed a Trojan virus and a keylogger on your computer. As reported in the eWeek story Super Bowl Site Hacked with Trojan, Keylogger, there was a malicious piece of JavaScript inserted in the website’s code.The... + read on

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