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Google Analytics, Ghostery, and Event Tracking

At the time I write this post, Google Analytics has a new version in beta called “Universal Analytics”. It’s basically Google Analytics version 3. This means that code you may have relied on during the version 2 of Google analytics may no longer work.Google suggests that all new projects moved to version 3 now. It does offer “real time” analytics, so you can see who is on your site at that very moment. That’s pretty cool.If you want just the... + read on

A Quick Way To Password Protect a Web Page.

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There are a variety of ways to password protect pages online. Perhaps the easiest is to use an .htaccess file. The reason this is the easiest way is because it’s built into the control panel at many hosting companies. I use Dreamhost and it’s control panel makes it automatic. Sweet. If you don’t have that as part of your hosting package, check out this article at htmllite for a walk through on do it yourself.What I don’t like about the... + read on

Same Origin Flash Security Kerfuffle For Web Developers Who Allow Uploads

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I’m a regular listener to Security Now!, the weekly TWIT podcast about security and privacy, primarily as it relates to being online. Last week’s episode #225 was about the ‘same origin policy’ issue.What is the Same Origin Policy? Wikipedia has a thorough write-up on same origin policy here, but I’ll give you the basics. It’s a matter of what files and processes trust each other on web sites. Basically, if files exist on the same domain,... + read on

Cyber security watch-list for Black Friday 2009

I get a fair number of press releases sent to SuperGeekery pushing products. I don’t mention them very often though simply because this is my labor of love, not just my labor. I received one today from F-Secure with their prediction of the most likely searched terms for cyber scams for holiday shoppers. I think it’s a pretty smart move on their part and a smart thing for people who shop online to be aware of. As I write this, it’s just a few... + read on

Facebook Privacy: Manage Who Can and Can’t See Your Photos.

My sister-in-law has just joined Facebook. (Hi, sis!) She asked me if she could manage who sees photos she puts up of the kids. She doesn’t feel it’s safe for the entire world to see them. Smart move. How do you do that though? It’s built into Facebook’s privacy settings, but as Facebook gives us more control over privacy settings, they’re also getting more confusing. Let’s look at how to set privacy settings for photo albums. Get to your... + read on

Why you should care about DRM.

A good friend of mine, Ian, has unwittingly provided a good way to illustrate why we should all care about DRM. I wanted to share Ian’s story with you.Before I tell you the Ian’s tale, let’s talk about what DRM is. It’s a technology that limits what you can do with digital content. DRM is an acronym, but what DRM actually stands for depends on what your point of view is. The big media companies that created DRM say it stands for Digital Right... + read on

Kindle 2 Copyright Conundrum

The Kindle 2 will be here shortly. Mine is scheduled to arrive on release day and I’ll post my thoughts after I’ve had some time with it. One of the really interesting features that made me want to upgrade was the ability of the Kindle 2 to do text-to-speech of the book you’re reading. Of course, you’ll have to get used to a computerized voice lacking the emotion a real human performance has, but it sounds like a logical feature to include in an... + read on

What’s your password? A password strategy anyone can remember.

Seriously, what’s your password? If you can tell it to me off the top of your head, it’s probably not very good. This past week, the password “happiness” lead to the break in of several high profile users of Twitter. (Read the Wired blog on the incident for more details.) Yes, that was “just” Twitter, but what if that had been someone’s Amazon account, or maybe their bank account?A Perfect PasswordSo, what’s a good password? Here’s an... + read on

How to Opt-Out of Online Ad Tracking

I work in the digital advertising world, but I am also a big advocate of online privacy. Life if full of contradictions, right? Actually I believe these ideas can co-exist, but most people don’t know the options they have around online behavioral tracking. Here’s how to keep your online surfing behavior private if that’s what you want.Opt out? Did you ever opt in?Before we go into how you can update your browser to help protect your privacy,... + read on

Quick Fix: Make Gmail Secure

Gmail has supported secure connections for a long time. The old but cumbersome way to get a secure connection was to type in instead of problem with that was that most of the time users don’t actually type in the part of the URL that comes before This left Gmail transmitting the contents of all email in the clear across the Internet. (The log in process, including your Google name and... + read on

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