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Android vs iPhone: Exchanging one set of handcuffs for another

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Google Play Store Top Paid Android Apps - October 13, 2013. Tweaking apps dominate.

I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon for about 3 months. Before getting the S4 phone, I’d been using whatever the latest iPhone has been, all the way through the iPhone 5, exclusively since the introduction of the first iPhone. Although I enjoyed my iPhones, some of the limits imposed by Apple bothered me.Based on things I’d read online and the reports I’ve gotten from Android-using friends, Android sounded like it might offer me the... + read on

How to make a mobile version of your site with Expression Engine 2.

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If you visit, you will see a very simple version of this site. (NOTE: As of June 1, 2012, I stopped maintaining the mobile example site, but the tutorial that follows still works.) It’s not a full fledged version of this site, but it served as an experimental exercise for what I wanted to try. Basically, I wanted to have a mobile-friendly version of my site without needing to write content in 2 different entries in my... + read on

AutoStitch for the iPhone, a Panorama in Your Pocket

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I’ve been taking quite a few photos with my iPhone lately. Although it’s not as good as using a “real” camera, my iPhone is almost always with me. Professional photo jounalists will tell you that the best camera for the job is the one that you have with you, so I’m trying to squeeze as much goodness out of the camera I’ve got with me and that lead me to try AutoStitch.AutoStitch (iTunes link) is a $1.99 app that stitches together multiple... + read on

iPhone 3G S Unboxing

I had my video camera set up waiting for Fed Ex to deliver my phone. Let’s unbox this thing.As a followup the video. After waiting about 5 hours for my phone to activate, I called AT&T. It seems some numbers in the activation codes were incorrect on my account. The guy was really helpful and nice. He had my phone working in about 10 minutes. Excellent. 

iPhone App cliqcliq Colors: A Color Palette Is Where You Find It

Most of my time is spent creating, designing and coding things that live online. Having the right color palette for a project always plays a big role in making something look right. Some of the best color palettes I’ve ever worked with are taken directly from my surroundings. Colors from cliqcliq is an iPhone application I’ve started using that makes the process of getting colors from out in the world into my computer easier than I’ve seen... + read on

The 7 iPhone Apps that Made My Vacation

I’m just back from a weeklong vacation to the Pacific Northwest. In an attempt to “get away” I didn’t pack my computer to go with me, but I did have my iPhone. If you know me personally or just have stumble across SuperGeekery, you’d expect a little gadget adoration, but I wanted to share the 7 iPhone apps that helped on my trip. (I didn’t take the above photo with an iPhone. It needs a better camera, but that’s a reason to upgrade to the next... + read on

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