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CES: User Generated Media session

The first “knowledge session” I attended at CES 2007 was User Generated Media: An Internet, Communications and Advertising Transformation. It was really informative. My notes from the session aren’t complete but I’ll try to reconstruct as much of them as I can here. Some of my own thoughts have slipped in.User-generated content is providing the voyeuristic view that traditional producers of media wouldn’t approach. Consumer generated media... + read on

CES Opening Day Keynote

Today at CES I attended the opening keynote address. It was given by Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association and Ed Zander, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Motorola Inc. Mr. Shapiro’s address was fine. Honestly, he’s not got great stage presence, but he did talk about Digital Freedom Campaign which “is dedicated to defending the rights of artists, innovators, creators and consumers to use lawful technology free of... + read on

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