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How To Download Youtube Videos, Part 2: Super Easy

How to Get YouTube Videos on your iPod and iPhone from john morton on Vimeo.If you don’t have time to watch the movie above, just visit, download the free Tooble software, cut and paste the URL of your favorite YouTube video and presto, your video is in iTunes. That’s super easy.If you’re on a PC, or just want more flexibility, also check out the earlier post How to Download Flash Video and Play It Back on Your Mac. (And More.)... + read on

The 3 Buzzword Takeaway of SXSWi 2008

I’m on a plane traveling back from my very first SXSWi. If you’re a geek, and there’s a chance you are if you’re reading, there is a special place and time waiting for you down in Austin next year at SXSWi. Put simply, it’s dorks, nerds and geeks gathering in one place sharing/challenging ideas, rubbing shoulders the Internet famous, and going out drinking and partying like it’s pledge week at a college where the jocks are... + read on

This Is Your iPod Talking

I love music. You’d have a really hard time finding me with my iPod close at hand but you won’t hear much music coming from my iPod. I listen to spoken content almost exclusively. Because I’m a bit of an information junkie, I was really taken with the invention of podcasts. podcasting is simply embedding a file, usually a piece of audio content, into an RSS feed. (What’s an RSS feed? Basically a special kind of link that’s always up to date.... + read on

How to Download Flash Video and Play It Back on Your Mac. (And More.)

Have you downloaded a video from YouTube or some other video sharing site? If you haven’t, you might not know about, a site that lets you give it a URL from YouTube and then download the .flv file and keep the video. (Hence, the name.) Another option to downloading videos to keep permanently is to install the Ook? Video Ook! or VideoDownloader for Firefox, add-ons which basically do the same thing. Both of those add-ons are... + read on

Internet Radio May Be History On May 15.

Click the banner above to visit The RIAA has managed to increase the fees internet radio must pay to an extent that most experts don’t believe any internet radio station can stay in business. These are fees over-the-air stations don’t pay at all. You can kiss the brilliant Pandora service goodbye if this doesn’t get changed.

Hillary Got YouTubed.

Back in mid-January, I wrote an entry here I called The YouTubified Election of 2008. I expected this election to get pretty mean simply because it seems to be the trend in politics. But when you add in the power and the anonymity of the internet into the mix, things can get really dicey.This morning I heard about a mashup video circulating around the web—one part Apple’s famous 1984 commercial, one part Hillary Clinton’s videos from her... + read on

A Visually Stunning Movie Except for the Guy Wearing Silly Putty.

I saw the movie 300 over the weekend. I hadn’t really planned on seeing it until I read a review of the movie on Ain’t It Cool News by Moriarty that made it impossible NOT to see it. When a movie is said to “give your eyes boners, make your balls scream and make you poop DVD copies of THE TRANSPORTER,” how can you miss it?  (Thanks, Fefa for sending the reivew!)I did like the film for the most part. I didn’t expect great dialog and, as I... + read on

It Doesn’t Matter What They Say, TV Is Here to Stay!

I don’t want to start this with an apology, but I will. I’m sorry, Internet, I really love you. I love interacting, building, sharing, uploading, creating and all that cool stuff that you let me do, but, sometimes, to my personal shame, all that you offer is no replacement for me when I just want to veg out and watch TV and be entertained with no expectation of my involvement other than pressing a few simple buttons on my remote control.... + read on

The YouTubified Election of 2008

This morning, Hillary Clinton officially announced her presidential ambitions. My impression is that Hillary Clinton a really smart person, who is definitely up the difficult task of being president of the United States. The other candidate competing for my vote, Barack Obama, also seems like a smart, capable person who may also be up for that challenge. (I’m sorry, John Edwards, you’re not up to the challenge when competing against these... + read on

CBS and YouTube, Sitting in a Tree

I’m not at CES anymore, but just today I read about a deal announced at CES between YouTube and CBS in which CBS is giving permission for people to use CBS content in their own creations. That’s not only cool, it’s really smart on CBS’s part. It’s a great way to encourage CBS content to make its way deeper into the culture. Let your audience promote your shows for you while they’re putting their own spin on them. If someone feels such a... + read on

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