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How to make your site show up in Google

I got an email from a friend today asking me a question that I get asked quite a lot. How do you make your site show up in Google?It’s a great question. First though, ask yourself a question. What terms are you searching upon when you’re expecting to see your site pop up to the top of search results. Are you searching for something too generic? The more general your search is the competition you’ll have for showing up on the list for those... + read on

Quick Fix: Make FriendFeed Bookmarklet Work As Advertised in FireFox 3

FriendFeed is the current “coolest app ever” on the Internet for good reason. It’s a simple central location for all your online social activity. It doesn’t require you to stop using your old sites. It just aggregates everything you and your friends are using in one convenient location. It’s also got an impressive pedigree in that its been created by 2 people who brought us Gmail and Google Maps. You can read more about it on Wikipeida, in Louis... + read on

How to see where people click on your site and what to do about it.

Do you ever wonder how people use your site? I’ve seen site stats for years, but I like pictures and that why I was excited when I discovered Crazy Egg from reading yet another great post on Chris Brogans blog. (Question: Does Chris ever sleep?) If you have any site online, you owe it to yourself and the people who visit your site to give Crazy Egg a look.Want to see it in action? Using Crazy Egg I did a short test on SuperGeekery, shortly... + read on

How To Make a Mix Tape In the Digital Age

I love music and used to spend hours making the perfect mix tape to share with my friends. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. If you’ve got some MP3’s, some time, and some friends you want to make a mix for, check out If you make a mix tape, send me a link.BTW, Music companies, if you are listening, don’t kill this site. If someone can make the act of listening and sharing music this fun, I’m sure there are ways you can live... + read on

How To Download Youtube Videos, Part 2: Super Easy

How to Get YouTube Videos on your iPod and iPhone from john morton on Vimeo.If you don’t have time to watch the movie above, just visit, download the free Tooble software, cut and paste the URL of your favorite YouTube video and presto, your video is in iTunes. That’s super easy.If you’re on a PC, or just want more flexibility, also check out the earlier post How to Download Flash Video and Play It Back on Your Mac. (And More.)... + read on

Consistently Good Emails

Apple gets loads of praise for their products. Thoughtful design and user-centric interfaces make them the best in their class. This level of finish goes beyond iPhones, iPods, and computers. It shows in their marketing of the products as well. When a new Apple television ad is released, it usually has the same qualities and the ads make the rounds of the blogosphere.But what about the simpler things, like the numerous email messages Apple... + read on

Taking Cleaner Screenshots with Camouflage

I’m one of those people who has too many icons on my desktop, but you wouldn’t know if from the screenshot above. It would be fair to suggest that I just organize my icons in my documents folder, but that’s just not the way my brain works. Having all my icons on my desktop is how I work. My desktop servers as an inbox for my live projects.This week I discovered a free little program, Camouflage, by briksoftware. It lets you easily hide a... + read on

How to make a video go “viral.”

A friend who is a director recently asked me about how to get his viral video he’s made “seen” by people. That’s sort of the $6 million question, right? I don’t have the answer unfortunately, but I’ve got some clues, thanks to 6 really good blog posts. Here they are.Seven Deadly Sins of Advertising Via Viral Video More Viral Video Lessons: An Interview with the My-Box-In-A-Box Geniuses The Rules Of Viral Web Success, according to AdWeek. And... + read on

Making Your Own Kindle Book Files

It’s hard for me to believe I’ve missed an entire month on my blog. December is usually a very busy month with my juggling 3 jobs, traveling to see my family and the usual seasonal holiday parties. I’ve also been giving my new Kindle from Amazon a thorough workout all month long as well. The abbreviated review is that I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s not perfect, but it’s got so many things right that I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone... + read on

Fixing Mac OS X Leopards “Open With…” command after installing Time Machine.

After installing Leopard in my Mac Pro, I installed a back-up hard drive to use with Time Machine. After only a couple of weeks, it’s already saved me at least 3 times. When I code in Flash, I tend to make many incremental changes to code and save my file. Sometimes I need to go back to an earlier working version after I’ve gone astray and Time Machine has saved the day. Time Machine has more useful than I ever expected it to be.One problem I... + read on

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