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Converting a MIDI file to and iPod-friendly format

Have you ever wanted to play a MIDI file on your iPod? If you’ve got QuickTime Pro you can convert any MIDI to an MP3 quickly. I’ll how you how in just 2 minutes.Remember, you’ll need QuickTime Pro, which is $29 from Apple. Click here for the QuickTime page on After you complete your purchase, you’ll get a serial number to plug into the QuickTime you probably already have on your machine. This unlocks a bunch of handy features in... + read on

Installing Boxee on Apple TV

I’ve had an Apple TV for a long time. I bought the 160 GB version when it came out. It’s been a pretty decent media machine, but it’s built with pretty strict rules for getting video into it. If you’ve got it in iTunes, for the most part, then you can watch it. But I wanted more out of it. The only thing stopping it from really being the media machine it could be was software.If you’ve got an Apple TV,  you’ll be interested in Boxee. What’s... + read on

Make a Custom Event in Flash with AS3

I’ve been working on a Flash project that required a SWF loaded into my main movie to broadcast a custom event back to a listener in the main movie. I kept getting an error trying to make this custom event but luckily I found a nice blog post at, Creating and Dispatching Custom Events in AS3. I credit Sean McSharry with helping me get this working. The code I’m sharing below is very close to what he’s posted on his blog. (Thanks... + read on

Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: Official Update and CS4 Support

Today I noticed on the Google Maps API for Flash homepage that Google has released the Google Map API for Flach CS3. In my previous posts (1, 2, and 3) we were using the version of a Flash IDE version of the API that Vincent Tsao built (and graciously shared with all of us!) using the Flex-only API that Google provided.Now that we’ve got an official build from Google for Flash CS3 my first question was will it work in Adobe’s latest release... + read on

Facebook Privacy 101: Keeping Your Status Updates From Your Boss

I’ve had a very similar conversation with several friends (real-life friends, in this case) regarding Facebook. The basic flow of the conversation is this.1. When I started Facebook, I had only real friends on my list. 2. Since I like keeping in touch with my friends, I updated my Facebook page with all kinds of personal information. My friends knew if I hated coming to work on Monday morning. It was fun. 3. Then my boss/co-worker/Mom, asked... + read on

Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: Part 3

If you’ve been with me over the past 2 tutorials, we made a basic Google Map application in Flash CS3 in part 1 and in part 2 we created a database full of locations plus made a service using AMFPHP that allows us to access that data.In this final part, we’re going to jump back into Flash and build upon that original map from part 1 and hook it up to the database from part 2.Let’s jump right in and look at what we’ll be building.... + read on

Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: Part 2

In Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: Part 1 we built a Google Map running in Flash CS3. But our goal is to make a full store locator. Here in Part 2, we’re going to need a database of locations, a way of asking that database for a list of locations near a zip code or address a user enters in, and we’ll need to display those locations on our map we created. Let’s get going.Your server set upWe’ll need a server with PHP and MySQL for... + read on

Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: Part 1

Google has released a beta version of the Google Maps API for Flash. Including “for Flash” in the name might be a little misleading though if you’re a Flash developer who uses Adobe Flash CS3, aka the Flash IDE, to build web sites. The Google Maps API for Flash in its current state doesn’t work with Flash. It works with Flex only, a situation the project page promises will be corrected at some point in the future.Although it’s not... + read on

How to Opt-Out of Online Ad Tracking

I work in the digital advertising world, but I am also a big advocate of online privacy. Life if full of contradictions, right? Actually I believe these ideas can co-exist, but most people don’t know the options they have around online behavioral tracking. Here’s how to keep your online surfing behavior private if that’s what you want.Opt out? Did you ever opt in?Before we go into how you can update your browser to help protect your privacy,... + read on

Quick Fix: Make Gmail Secure

Gmail has supported secure connections for a long time. The old but cumbersome way to get a secure connection was to type in instead of problem with that was that most of the time users don’t actually type in the part of the URL that comes before This left Gmail transmitting the contents of all email in the clear across the Internet. (The log in process, including your Google name and... + read on

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