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Activating an Update Version of Windows 7 with a Fresh Installation

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When Vista was released, I ended up buying 2 full copies (versions not requiring a prior version of Windows) of Vista Ultimate to install on my MacPro and my MacBook Pro. I use VMWare Fusion, although I’ve also used Parallels and recommend either to people who ask.When Windows 7 was available for pre-order, I bought 2 upgrade copies. I decided against getting another ‘Ultimate’ version though. I chose ‘Pro’ because it was all I needed. I’m not... + read on

So you’re building a Wordpress portfolio?

I’ve been doing some investigation into Wordpress for a potential new project. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been exploring various CMS’s recently based on some client requests. SuperGeekery is still powered by Expression Engine, as is a variety of other projects I’ve developed. I’ve had several recent proposals that specified Wordpress as the CMS requirement, so I’ve been doing some additional research on it. One of the projects that... + read on

How To Make A Particular Particle Effect In After Effects

At JMX2, we recent completed a fun project that let us spend a lot of time in After Effects working with the particle generator called Particular. The project was to create 2 synchronized ad banners. In the 1st banner at the top of the page, photos in picture frames slid out of their frames while dissolving into pixel-like particles then followed a predetermined motion path into a phone, in the 2nd banner, where they regrouped into showing the... + read on

How To Add Spotlight Tags in Flash AS3

At JMX2, we build a lot of Flash advertising pieces for a variety of clients. At the end of the process, we get asked to “put these Spotlight tags in” from media companies. They nearly always send AS2 code for you to drop into your pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten AS3 code. If you try to place this AS2 tagging code into an AS3 project, a landing page, for example, you will get errors.What the Doubleclick Spotlight tag does.The... + read on

Mac 101: Make a More Useful Dock

The Dock in your Mac was supposed to make finding your most used programs easier. I do a couple things to make it more useful.Tip 1: Add Spacers to your DockFirst, as you can see in the image above, I add spacers to make finding certain types of programs easier. On the left, I’ve got 4 Adobe programs I use regularly. I’ve got TextMate, a text editing program, separated out on its own. Then to the right of that, I’ve got everything else,... + read on

Using Google Maps Inside of Flash CS3: AIR now supported

In case you’ve been interested in my previous series of “Using Google Maps Inside of Flash” posts, I wanted to point out another update from Google. Adobe AIR application development is now supported officially by Google. The documentation only references Flex Builder though. Has anyone have any luck with getting it to work in the Flash IDE? If so, drop me a line or post a comment.Here are the links for the previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part... + read on

How to build an AS3 Videoplayer Class

I recently worked on a project that needed a video player. I didn’t want to use the standard one’s included with Flash, so I did a little searching and found The Tech Labs, a tutorial site. Rafael Nünlist wrote an excellent post there called “How to build a AS3 Videoplayer.” He not only has a nicely designed video player, but he also shared the code for the world to see. Rafael wrote most of the code in the video player I’m going to show... + read on

What’s your password? A password strategy anyone can remember.

Seriously, what’s your password? If you can tell it to me off the top of your head, it’s probably not very good. This past week, the password “happiness” lead to the break in of several high profile users of Twitter. (Read the Wired blog on the incident for more details.) Yes, that was “just” Twitter, but what if that had been someone’s Amazon account, or maybe their bank account?A Perfect PasswordSo, what’s a good password? Here’s an... + read on

How To Quiet that Noisy Person In Your Facebook Newsfeed

Since posting my article on how to keep your boss from seeing your status updates on Facebook, I’ve had quite a few people ask me how to keep someone from popping up in their news feed so much. The easiest way to eliminate them, is to unfriend them. That’s easy from a technical point of view, but from a social point of view, you might be asking for trouble. I have a friend whose mother refused to take his phone calls after he chose not to accept... + read on

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