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Vint Cerf Speaks, I Listen, I Post About it.

Last night I was lucky enough to see Vint Cerf speak at the Google New York headquarters. He’s one of the “founding fathers of the Internet” and is now employed at Google as their Chief Internet Evangelist.While the crowd gnawed on fried food and sipped free drinks, he gave a lecture he calls “Tracking the Internet into the 21st.” He spoke about how the internet started as 3 separate small networks that were not connected together back in the... + read on

I Folded Up My Bike and Put It In My Closet: The Curve

Living in a New York apartment means never having enough space. Some people have bike rooms in their apartment building in New York, but mine doesn’t. What’s a person to do? One option is to just deal with it and find some way to hang a bike or just dedicate some of your precious floor space to a bike. Another way is to find a bike that you can fold up and put away when you’re not using it. That’s what I did.The Curve by Dahon, selling for... + read on

Found Home Movie from 1976

Several months ago, I brought a Super 8 film reel to Pac-Lab, a film transfer shop in New York. If you’ve got some reels of film you want transferred, I would highly recommend contacting them. They were really friendly. This single roll cost me $35 to transfer, but it would have been cheaper if I had more than one reel. It was certainly worth the $35 for me.My mom found this single reel of film when clearing out some stuff that my dad had.... + read on

How to Download Flash Video and Play It Back on Your Mac. (And More.)

Have you downloaded a video from YouTube or some other video sharing site? If you haven’t, you might not know about, a site that lets you give it a URL from YouTube and then download the .flv file and keep the video. (Hence, the name.) Another option to downloading videos to keep permanently is to install the Ook? Video Ook! or VideoDownloader for Firefox, add-ons which basically do the same thing. Both of those add-ons are... + read on

How Turning Off JavaScript Changes Advertising

I’ve mentioned the danger of browsing the web with JavaScript turned on before. (See the previous post here.) I encouraged you to turn off your JavaScript in that post.To review, why exactly is JavaScript dangerous? I’ll quote a recent article I read. “The fact that JavaScript can be used… to capture keystrokes or upload files should be cause for concern and reason to disable JavaScript whenever possible.” Basically, having JavaScript “always... + read on

When You Stick an Ad in My Game, It Better Be Good.

Can you imagine Mario trying to save a big can of Pepsi for Princess Peach? Maybe if you complete the whole six-pack, you get a rare bonus Crystal Pepsi!If you’re reading this at some distant point in the future, I sure hope you don’t find Mario World invaded by Pepsi, but the video game landscape has finally caught the notice of big advertisers. I recent read Is In-Game Advertising About to Take Off?, an article discussing how ripe video... + read on

Who Needs the Internet?

I just read an article from CNN called Many Americans see little point to Web. Of the approximately one third of Americans who don’t have internet access, “forty-four percent of these households say they are not interested in anything on the Internet.” What?!? I’m not saying that anything I’m doing online is worthy of their time, but I can’t believe that there is nothing online that is worthwhile or interesting to them.The story does say that... + read on

Hillary Got YouTubed.

Back in mid-January, I wrote an entry here I called The YouTubified Election of 2008. I expected this election to get pretty mean simply because it seems to be the trend in politics. But when you add in the power and the anonymity of the internet into the mix, things can get really dicey.This morning I heard about a mashup video circulating around the web—one part Apple’s famous 1984 commercial, one part Hillary Clinton’s videos from her... + read on

Building a Wii from Legos

My favorite toy as a child, before I got my Texas Instruments TI99-4A,  was my Lego collection. I could spend hours playing with Legos. I always seemed to run out of the bricks I needed before I could complete some grand project I envisioned, but I had a blast anyway. I wish I had photos of the stuff I built back then. Sigh.Legos seem to be an obsession with a lot of geeks on the web. There’s a great site called Brickshelf where people post... + read on