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Two More Links To Make Your Internet Experience Complete

Opinions are like blogs, everybody’s got one. But some blogs are better than others, so I thought I’d share a couple that you might not know about. The first is focused on the ad business, the second is a thoughtful perspective on our culture. Both are worth checking out.Ad Aged—Will Madison Avenue Become Detroit? by George Tannenbaum, as you might guess, is the advertising focused blog. I worked for George for a couple years and he’s filled... + read on

The 3 Buzzword Takeaway of SXSWi 2008

I’m on a plane traveling back from my very first SXSWi. If you’re a geek, and there’s a chance you are if you’re reading, there is a special place and time waiting for you down in Austin next year at SXSWi. Put simply, it’s dorks, nerds and geeks gathering in one place sharing/challenging ideas, rubbing shoulders the Internet famous, and going out drinking and partying like it’s pledge week at a college where the jocks are... + read on

YouTubification of Election 2008, Example #2

Back in January 2007 I did a post here I called The YouTubified Election of 2008. Back then, there was a video from an anonymous source that was an attack ad, modeled after Apple’s 1984 ad, against Hillary Clinton. It didn’t spell doom for the Clinton team, but I thought we’d see more user generated videos for this election. I’ll be the first to admit this prediction didn’t come through great insight. Viral video is an obvious trend. I just find... + read on

Going to SXSW? Let’s say hello in Austin!

I’m really excited to be going to SXSW Interactive this year. It will be my first at the conference, but not my first trip to Austin. Are you going? If not, why not? Check out some of the interesting panel discussions here. There are also lots of interesting events in the evening. Send me an email if you’re going to be there.

Digging into a Promising Book: Learning jQuery

Things have been a little quiet here at SuperGeekery simply because time for writing has been a little hard to find recently. I’m wrapping up one job and getting ready to start another. I have made some time to start reading a book that’s already showing a lot of promise, Learning jQuery that I wanted to mention.What’s jQuery? It’s a free, open-source JavaScript Library that let’s you do cool animations and Ajax functionality to your web... + read on

Dear iPod Touch, Not So Fast

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPod Touch I ordered, but over the past week, my desire for it has ebbed. My first hesitation was that I heard Apple has removed the ability to add events to your calendar with the iPod Touch. There is no technical reason for this. It’s simply a move to differentiate the Touch from the iPhone. Yesterday, the first reports of users getting their hands on a Touch didn’t come with glowing reviews... + read on

iPod Touch, not iPhone, Is What Got My Money. (It’s What I Want.)

I’d been on the fence about an iPhone for weeks. It looks so sweet and I’ll probably end up with one at some point, but the iPod Touch seems to have filled every “techy” itch that the iPhone filled and got rid of the sticking point for me, the AT&T phone part. It looks sweet. (If you’re wondering what song I doctored into the above photo, check it out here.)

This Is Your iPod Talking

I love music. You’d have a really hard time finding me with my iPod close at hand but you won’t hear much music coming from my iPod. I listen to spoken content almost exclusively. Because I’m a bit of an information junkie, I was really taken with the invention of podcasts. podcasting is simply embedding a file, usually a piece of audio content, into an RSS feed. (What’s an RSS feed? Basically a special kind of link that’s always up to date.... + read on

Techno Babble As An Art Form

Please give your respect to the actor who’s performing the script in this corporate video. This is technology babble taken to an extreme level. Just let it wash over you.For more information, visit Rockwell Automation. 

The SuperGeekery Homepage Smackdown

What’s your homepage? Nearly every site on the internet would love for your entry onto the internet to be their site, but since there are so many decent choices, being simply decent isn’t good enough. It’s time for a home page smackdown.Based on my experience, there are 3 contenders that stand above the others and deserve consideration: Netvibes, PageFlakes, and iGoogle. I’ve got accounts on all three, but one has become my default. Before I... + read on