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Part 2: Unboxing the Kindle 2

On the same day my new Asus 100HE showed up, that’s the Part 1 to this entry if you’re wondering, my other highly anticipated electronic purchase arrived on the same day, the Kindle 2. For fans of nice packaging, I think you’ll get a good sense of the nice package design Amazon has made for the Kindle 2.(Like the previous video, the audio is a little too low, but you’ll still get to see the unboxing.)After playing with the Kindle 2, I... + read on

Part 1: Unboxing The Asus 1000HE

If you’re already sold on the Asus 1000HE, just skip to the fun part, the unboxing video. (I also upgrade the RAM while I’m at it.)If you’re asking why I’d get one, then I will explain. I’ve been looking at netbooks for a while. I like the idea of a small computer that I can do basic tasks on, primarily writing and web surfing. Something that’s small and cheap.Why didn’t I get a Mac laptop? I’m a Mac guy, after all, right? Well, if Apple... + read on

Predictions for 2009, Plus How to Survive and Maybe Thrive

2008. (Deep breath.) That was an interesting year.The belief that the phrase “May you live in interesting times” comes from an ancient Chinese curse is suspect according to Wikipedia.Many people would counter that Wikipedia itself is suspect, but Wikipedia has become ubiquitous for a reason. It’s useful and the price is right. And that reason is plays a roll in this obligatory predictions-for-the-new-year post.There is certainly an air of... + read on

Installing Boxee on Apple TV

I’ve had an Apple TV for a long time. I bought the 160 GB version when it came out. It’s been a pretty decent media machine, but it’s built with pretty strict rules for getting video into it. If you’ve got it in iTunes, for the most part, then you can watch it. But I wanted more out of it. The only thing stopping it from really being the media machine it could be was software.If you’ve got an Apple TV,  you’ll be interested in Boxee. What’s... + read on

Being a Geek on Election Night

I spent election night using technology to an extreme. Twitter, Facebook, Text Message, and a variety of sites and widgets.My friend Eduardo, aka Dudu, in Brazil and I, in New York, exchanged quite a few tweets about the night’s outcome emerged. Social technology allowed this great night to be enjoyed by a huge number of people all across the globe and I’m very happy to have been a part of it. Dudu asked me to write up a few thoughts for his... + read on

SuperGeekery added to AllTop’s Tech section

Today SuperGeekery was added to the Tech section of Wow! Very cool.What’s AllTop? It’s a site aggregates feeds for top site in different categories, like Innovation, Baseball, Moms, and Technology, just to name a few. It’s sort of like having a well-stocked RSS reader without needing to know what RSS really means or having to manage a bunch of feeds on your own.A big humble “thank you” to the folks at AllTop for including... + read on

Found in NYC: a T-shirt with a T-shirt

Walking around NYC today, I happened upon a small shop set up for young artists to sell their wares near Mulberry and Houston. Much of the stuff for sale were hand made jewelry, but that’s not really my thing.Then I happened upon some really cool t-shirts (much more my thing) made by Jason Laurits. I looked over his collection and came away with a great t-shirt that has a t-shirt silkscreened on it. I love good design especially when it’s... + read on

Dealing with my Internet-induced ADD

I just finished this month’s cover story from The Atlantic, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The basic premise of the article is that due to the Internet, the amount of content available and how content is presented on it, the way we consume information has changed to such a degree that it may be altering our ability to process and ruminate on larger ideas. Our brains may be physically changing, thus “evolving under the pressure of information... + read on

Amazon, what’s wrong with the world today and how can we fix it?

If you have a Kindle from Amazon, there’s a feature feature called NowNow. You ask it any question and 3 real people, hired by Amazon, search for an answers and send them back to you. (The service is free for now, but it’s listed under the experimental label in the menu.)I’ve used it several times and the answers have been surprisingly good. Today I asked a question without any definitive answer, “What is wrong with the world today and how... + read on

Talking with Colmeia TV About Agencies, Advertising Failure & Geekery

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Eduardo Camargo from Colmeia. He, Vini Reis (a friend and former colleague of mine) and I had a great time hanging out and talking about the things that excite a geeks like us: technology, innovation, marketing and more. Eduardo taped it and put part of our conversation on Colmeia’s vlog which you can see below. You can also follow Eduardo and Vini on Twitter.colmeia na gringa | @NYC | episodio 2... + read on