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iPod Touch, not iPhone, Is What Got My Money. (It’s What I Want.)

I’d been on the fence about an iPhone for weeks. It looks so sweet and I’ll probably end up with one at some point, but the iPod Touch seems to have filled every “techy” itch that the iPhone filled and got rid of the sticking point for me, the AT&T phone part. It looks sweet. (If you’re wondering what song I doctored into the above photo, check it out here.)

A Cool Little $100 Video Camera.

My Canon video camera stopped working recently. It had a good run, lasting around 6 years, longer than I expect of most electronics with moving parts. Instead of replacing it with another expensive camera, I’ve bought a Flip Video Camcorder that’s about $100 for the model that stores 30 minutes of video and $120 for the 60 minute model.The camera is about the size of a standard iPod and has a small USB plug that flips out on the side to easily... + read on

This Is Your iPod Talking

I love music. You’d have a really hard time finding me with my iPod close at hand but you won’t hear much music coming from my iPod. I listen to spoken content almost exclusively. Because I’m a bit of an information junkie, I was really taken with the invention of podcasts. podcasting is simply embedding a file, usually a piece of audio content, into an RSS feed. (What’s an RSS feed? Basically a special kind of link that’s always up to date.... + read on

I Folded Up My Bike and Put It In My Closet: The Curve

Living in a New York apartment means never having enough space. Some people have bike rooms in their apartment building in New York, but mine doesn’t. What’s a person to do? One option is to just deal with it and find some way to hang a bike or just dedicate some of your precious floor space to a bike. Another way is to find a bike that you can fold up and put away when you’re not using it. That’s what I did.The Curve by Dahon, selling for... + read on

The Latest Object of Desire: iPhone.

I have until June to figure out how I get out of my Verizon Wireless contract. That’s 5 months to plan. In case you’re one of the 54 people who didn’t already know about the iPhone, visit the Apple site.I’ve been at CES all week long where all kinds of amazing technology has been introduced. The only so called “news alert” I received from about anything technology related was for the iPhone. I noticed people surfing for photos of... + read on

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