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Android vs iPhone: Exchanging one set of handcuffs for another

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Google Play Store Top Paid Android Apps - October 13, 2013. Tweaking apps dominate.

I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon for about 3 months. Before getting the S4 phone, I’d been using whatever the latest iPhone has been, all the way through the iPhone 5, exclusively since the introduction of the first iPhone. Although I enjoyed my iPhones, some of the limits imposed by Apple bothered me.Based on things I’d read online and the reports I’ve gotten from Android-using friends, Android sounded like it might offer me the... + read on

Good Gadgets of 2012

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As I look back on my gadgets of 2012, I think I had a very good year. There’s not a total dud in the bunch. Perhaps I’m just getting a better sense at what technology I’ll like and will use before I take the plunge. (Let’s not talk about the XBOX Kinect I bought in 2011. At least it has a new good home.)What’s been on my 2012 list? It’s not necessarily an ordered list, but I’ll get to the best at the end.FitbitI loved my Fitbit Ultra while... + read on

iPhone 3G S Unboxing

I had my video camera set up waiting for Fed Ex to deliver my phone. Let’s unbox this thing.As a followup the video. After waiting about 5 hours for my phone to activate, I called AT&T. It seems some numbers in the activation codes were incorrect on my account. The guy was really helpful and nice. He had my phone working in about 10 minutes. Excellent. 

The 7 iPhone Apps that Made My Vacation

I’m just back from a weeklong vacation to the Pacific Northwest. In an attempt to “get away” I didn’t pack my computer to go with me, but I did have my iPhone. If you know me personally or just have stumble across SuperGeekery, you’d expect a little gadget adoration, but I wanted to share the 7 iPhone apps that helped on my trip. (I didn’t take the above photo with an iPhone. It needs a better camera, but that’s a reason to upgrade to the next... + read on

Update on ASUS 1000HE at SXSW: How It Performed

Before leaving for SXSW, I decided to take only my new ASUS 1000HE, on the 10-day trip. I wrote about how the software I installed in the posting Prepping the ASUS 1000HE for SXSW and promised an update on how it performed for me.The GoodThe good news is that I was really happy with my choice to leave my larger laptop, a MacBook Pro, back at home. The battery life of the netbook was as good as I had hope. Its charge lasted the entire day... + read on

Part 2: Unboxing the Kindle 2

On the same day my new Asus 100HE showed up, that’s the Part 1 to this entry if you’re wondering, my other highly anticipated electronic purchase arrived on the same day, the Kindle 2. For fans of nice packaging, I think you’ll get a good sense of the nice package design Amazon has made for the Kindle 2.(Like the previous video, the audio is a little too low, but you’ll still get to see the unboxing.)After playing with the Kindle 2, I... + read on

Part 1: Unboxing The Asus 1000HE

If you’re already sold on the Asus 1000HE, just skip to the fun part, the unboxing video. (I also upgrade the RAM while I’m at it.)If you’re asking why I’d get one, then I will explain. I’ve been looking at netbooks for a while. I like the idea of a small computer that I can do basic tasks on, primarily writing and web surfing. Something that’s small and cheap.Why didn’t I get a Mac laptop? I’m a Mac guy, after all, right? Well, if Apple... + read on

Kindle 2 Copyright Conundrum

The Kindle 2 will be here shortly. Mine is scheduled to arrive on release day and I’ll post my thoughts after I’ve had some time with it. One of the really interesting features that made me want to upgrade was the ability of the Kindle 2 to do text-to-speech of the book you’re reading. Of course, you’ll have to get used to a computerized voice lacking the emotion a real human performance has, but it sounds like a logical feature to include in an... + read on

Review: Gorillapod Go-Go!, or Holding on to the iPhone 3G

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If you haven’t checked out a Gorillapod before, it might look like some sort of toy. Actually it’s a really useful photography tool, basically a short tripod that has flexible legs with lots of little joints that can wrap around things and hold onto a wide variety of surfaces. Since the joints are rubbery, it can even hold onto slicker surfaces than I expected.I’ve been using the new Go-Go! version (check it out at here) of the... + read on

Dear iPod Touch, Not So Fast

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the iPod Touch I ordered, but over the past week, my desire for it has ebbed. My first hesitation was that I heard Apple has removed the ability to add events to your calendar with the iPod Touch. There is no technical reason for this. It’s simply a move to differentiate the Touch from the iPhone. Yesterday, the first reports of users getting their hands on a Touch didn’t come with glowing reviews... + read on

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