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Quickly mass delete pending comments from an ExpressionEngine database.

Ever get bombarded by a spammer in your ExpressionEngine comment system and want to delete, say 16,747 pending comments all at once? Run the following query on your MySQL database and kiss that spam goodbye. (Please, make a backup on your database before doing this though!)DELETE FROM exp_comments WHERE exp_comments.`status` = 'p';Spam be gone.

ExpressionEngine Add-on: SuperGeekery DayPhrase

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Eight Days a Week?

During a recent update to this site, I made a small ExpressionEngine add-on, SuperGeekery DayPhrase, to deal with a blurb of text that changes based on the day of the week in the footer. “Earth-shattering, it is not,” as Yoda might say, but since I built the previous version of SuperGeekery I’ve become aware of the benefit of not having any PHP in your templates. Speed. Because of the way PHP is rendered in the ExpressionEngine parsing process,... + read on

Lessons learned in ExpressionEngine add-on development

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In January I released the first commercial add-on I’d developed for ExpressionEngine. It’s called Pic Puller and it helps an ExpressionEngine developer create and integrate an Instagram application into his or her site.This post isn’t meant to get you to go buy a copy of the Pic Puller add-on. (Granted, I won’t stop you either.) Rather, it’s a personal journal of my process of making it and what I’ve learned along the way. It may be a bit... + read on

Expression Engine 2 Plugin: Empty P Stripper

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I’ve got a small little Expression Engine add on., but it might be helpful if you use Pixel and Tonic’s WYGWAM to give your client’s text entry into an Expression Engine textfield a little UX love.WYGWAM’s a good tool that I’ve used several times on sites. Clients find it an easy thing to pick up. For a recent build though, I kept noticing some strange spacing when my client was using it to create copy. There were empty P tag pairs scattered... + read on

Expression Engine Addon: Conditional TrunchHTML

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I've been working on an Expression Engine site recently where I needed to truncate some HTML to fit within a certain sized space.I've done similar truncations tasks before, right here on the SuperGeekery home page, with Oliver Heine's handy TruncHTML. I use it in combination with my own SuperGeekery Tagstripper to selectively strip out some of the HTML tags. (On a side note, it looks like Hacksaw has now combined these functions to some extent... + read on

Expression Engine 2 Plugin: SuperGeekery Tag Stripper

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Note: Since it's initial release, the SuperGeekery Tag Stripper has had a few minor updates. It is now at version 1.0.4, as of Feb. 14, 2014. The links in the article point to the most recent version of the addon at GitHub.The redesign of SuperGeekery coincided with the release of Expression Engine 2 which gave me the opportunity to jump into the latest version of EE on a project that I was the client on, allowing me to be potentially break... + read on

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