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Why you should care about DRM.

A good friend of mine, Ian, has unwittingly provided a good way to illustrate why we should all care about DRM. I wanted to share Ian’s story with you.Before I tell you the Ian’s tale, let’s talk about what DRM is. It’s a technology that limits what you can do with digital content. DRM is an acronym, but what DRM actually stands for depends on what your point of view is. The big media companies that created DRM say it stands for Digital Right... + read on

Kindle 2 Copyright Conundrum

The Kindle 2 will be here shortly. Mine is scheduled to arrive on release day and I’ll post my thoughts after I’ve had some time with it. One of the really interesting features that made me want to upgrade was the ability of the Kindle 2 to do text-to-speech of the book you’re reading. Of course, you’ll have to get used to a computerized voice lacking the emotion a real human performance has, but it sounds like a logical feature to include in an... + read on

DRM Can Bite My Butt

I’ve got a problem with DRM, Digital Restrictions Management. My problem is twofold. I dislike DRM and I’ve got an everyday, practical problem.The image above shows the exact nature of my problem. I’ve got a Slingbox and I’ve also got a new HDTV with an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection. Thanks to that new fancy digital connection, my cable company can put viewing restrictions on my cable signal. If I try to watch my... + read on

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