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Give a DOM about DOM Scripting? Get this book.

First, my apologies for that corny headline, but it’s for a great book. Last week I finally got around to reading DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model by Jeremy Keith. I bought it quite a while ago and left it sit in my book pile. That’s too bad because I could have used the stuff I learned from the book in making SuperGeekery!What’s DOM Scripting you ask? Well, DOM stands for the Document Object Model, a... + read on

Internet Explorer 6 vs. My Site

Microsoft asked my PC, hey, I’m going to install IE7, ok? I said, sure. Then I built this blog, on my Mac. I checked it in Firefox. I checked it in Safari. I checked it in IE 7. It’s got it’s share of bugs, but, heck, this is just my little personal blog. I’ll debug when I get around to it. Then today I saw it in IE 6. What a disaster.Do you have IE 6? Sorry about that.Update: I’ve been tinkering with the site. It’s better in IE 6 now. It... + read on

Ruby on Rails on Deck

Last night I started a new course, Ruby On Rails Essential Training. I’ve wanted to know more about RoR for a while and it’s so much easier for me to absorb information like this when I can hear and see the lesson happening rather than just reading a book.  If you’ve heard of RoR and want to simply know what it is, you should check out the link and watch the free movies. They offer a good overview of what it is and will walk you... + read on