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Expression Engine 2 Plugin: SuperGeekery Tag Stripper

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Note: Since it's initial release, the SuperGeekery Tag Stripper has had a few minor updates. It is now at version 1.0.4, as of Feb. 14, 2014. The links in the article point to the most recent version of the addon at GitHub.The redesign of SuperGeekery coincided with the release of Expression Engine 2 which gave me the opportunity to jump into the latest version of EE on a project that I was the client on, allowing me to be potentially break... + read on

A Quick Way To Password Protect a Web Page.

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There are a variety of ways to password protect pages online. Perhaps the easiest is to use an .htaccess file. The reason this is the easiest way is because it’s built into the control panel at many hosting companies. I use Dreamhost and it’s control panel makes it automatic. Sweet. If you don’t have that as part of your hosting package, check out this article at htmllite for a walk through on do it yourself.What I don’t like about the... + read on

Quick tip: Expression Engine Movable Type Export

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Another day, another EE tidbit. I wanted to export the entries from my blog in a simple text backup (MT Export Format). In the Expression Engine support wiki, there is an entry on how to do this in the 1.6.8 version, but I’m using 2.0.1 public beta. I had to do a few modifications to make it work in the new version. I posted my code on the Wiki, but if you ended up here looking for export tips, here’s how I did it.First, as the wiki page... + read on

Quick tip: Expression Engine Microformatted date

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I’m rebuilding SuperGeekery behind the scenes. Along the way, I will try to post little tidbits I think might be helpful along the way.I’ve spent the past 10 minutes formatting the dates for entries using microformats. That means wrapping the human-readable date that is displayed on a web site inside a <time> tag that is machine-readable. Here’s how you do that in Expression Engine.<div class="date"> <time datetime="{entry_date... + read on

Update On Building a Portfolio Site in Wordpress and the Plugins That Made It Work.

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Back in October 2009, I wrote about research I was doing about building a portfolio site with Wordpress. (Read that post here.) That post was inspired a project we were talking about doing at JMX2 at that time. Several months have passed and we’ve built the site I was initially researching. It’s live and I’m happy to finally share it with you. Check out the new TRÜF Creative site at to WordPress folks: This... + read on

Flash AS3 Font Embedding Issue - A Problem with Grandchildren?

I’ve been working on a project that was causing me endless frustration with Flash font embedding. Basically, I had a Main.swf that I had embedded a font in. It has a child SWF, say “child.swf”, that gets loaded. Then that child.swf, used a class file which created a loaded in a photo and created a dynamic text field, so I thought of it as a grandchild of Main.swf. In the ‘grandchild’ the dynamic text field is formatted to embed the font that is... + read on

Top 5 Flash Components K Sizes Killers

I don’t work with Flash Components much, but have been doing some experimentation with them recently for a class I’m preparing. Flash Componets can make something that’s a little complex much easier to accomplish. But that ease of use comes at a price. The Flash 9 components are surprisingly heavy in terms of K size. This basically rules out their use in most ad banners. By the way, my top five don’t refer to which components are the heaviest,... + read on

Digging into a Promising Book: Learning jQuery

Things have been a little quiet here at SuperGeekery simply because time for writing has been a little hard to find recently. I’m wrapping up one job and getting ready to start another. I have made some time to start reading a book that’s already showing a lot of promise, Learning jQuery that I wanted to mention.What’s jQuery? It’s a free, open-source JavaScript Library that let’s you do cool animations and Ajax functionality to your web... + read on

Flash Forward Boston: Day 2

For the second day of Flash Forward, my day had a much stronger focus on creativity rather than coding in Flash. That was my intention though. The conference is structured so that your time here reflects your own interests.There are 4 sessions going on simultaneously so each person, by picking which sessions they attend, gets what they want. If you’re a Flash designer or developer, I would encourage you to attend some time.My first session was... + read on

Flash Forward Boston: Day 1

This week I’m happy to be at Flash Forward in Boston. I’ve been to coming to this conference since 1999 or 2000. I forget which year it started. It’s always exciting to see the presentations and find out what the best Flash heads are doing now and what’s coming down the pike.I attended 4 sessions today, the first day of the conference. The day started with the Adobe Keynote address presented by Kevin Lynch. Mr. Lynch has been the face of Adobe... + read on